More Participant Quotes from Instructor Led Training and Online Learning Courses


(Legacy) I have attended dozens of sales and management training seminars over the past 20 years and I can truly say I took away practical action steps that will help me be even more productive. This is not a sit and listen class.
- Al J., National Account Exec., Oklahoma City, OK

(Legacy) STI was very helpful. In any walk of life it is important to understand what truly motivates people. Possessing that skill is what makes not only good managers but good leaders.
- Cole M., Regional Sales Mgr., Falls Church, VA

(Legacy) Jim Ray, our instructor, was exceptional in his knowledge and facilitation of the training. The material was great and I came away with many things to implement at my workplace. I highly recommend STI and this Sales Management Training course.
- Jeff C., National Director of Sales, Oklahoma City, OK

(Legacy) This is the best sales management training class I have attended. This is a well thought out two days that maximizes learning. The instructor, Jim Ray, not only teaches but lives this subject.
- Jim S., Managing Director of Sales, Dallas, TX

(Academy) It was certainly one of the best training programs in which I have participated. The pace was well set and Jim Ray was an excellent trainer. The mix of presentation, discussion and practice really drove the points home. We covered a lot of information in the 5 days but without ever feeling overwhelmed. The mood of the training was excellent also; my interest was held at all times. I would definitely participate in other programs that Sales Training International conducts if given the opportunity.
- Joel G., Engineer, Cincinnati, OH

(VSS) "I would like you to know, Jim Ray is a top-notch facilitator! His contribution to the training endeavor in our organization has been important. The P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model has significantly helped Urban Science recognize when the right time to present to our customers is. Sales Training International and the P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model have influenced Urban Science to change the way we sell our products and solutions."
Daniel L, Vice President

(VSS) The program really motivated me in thinking and applying scenarios when speaking with customers. Thanks!
- Celia L., Customer Service Rep., The Woodlands, TX

(VSS) The best sales training course I have ever attended! Sound theory, irrefutable logic, presented in a concise, professional manner.
- Bill C, The Woodlands, TX

(ACE) We had the best time with Jim; we learned so much from the eight hours we were there. I am looking forward to having more training.
- Becki H, Customer Service Representative, The Woodlands, TX

(ACE) I believe this has been the best sales training I have had. It was kept very interesting, especially because of David Foster. I never got sleepy during this course and learned many different selling techniques. It was a great benefit to selling skills.
- Marsha S., Spring, TX

(ACE) I really enjoyed this training. It was extremely beneficial; in fact I have already used the strategies I learned. I think Jim is a very good instructor. He did a wonderful job of keeping the group interested.
- Erin P., Customer Service Representative, The Woodlands, TX

(ACE) David did a great job. I believe if I utilize the ACE principles I will continue to be successful. I would recommend this program to other sales professionals.
- Gary C., Regional Sales Manager, San Mateo, CA

(Tactical Training) Jim ran an extremely interesting and relevant training session. The materials were excellent as was the presentation.
- Craig J., Managing Director - International, Amherst, NY

(Tactical Training) I believe the training you provided was very beneficial. The best part of the training was that it was CM oriented and not general. Also, with the risk of swelling Jim's head, he did an excellent job with our session.
- Chris M., Field Sales Manager, Amherst, NY

(Tactical Training) The review was probably the most beneficial part for those who were previously trained. Not much new. As you can see, our company has a very veteran sales force that is not very enthusiastic about general sales training. Tough to teach old dogs new tricks.
- Rich K., Manager - Field Sales, Amherst, NY

(Tactical Training) Great training by highly motivated and enthusiastic facilitators.
- Mike O., Territory Manager, Canton, MI

(Tactical Training) The program was presented very professionally covering all areas discussed prior to the meeting. I could not have scripted the program and had it presented any better. Well received by all.
- David R., Director Industrial Products, Amherst, NY

(Tactical Training) Very good learning tool. Have been able to use FABs in many presentations. It helped me with the accounts I was pursuing. Thanks.
- Tom W., Corporate Sales, New Orleans, LA

(VSS) Very well structured, comprehensive, useful, well conducted. The most profitable part was the group's dynamics where we could test our ability to put in place the learned concepts. We are developing this course in the Portuguese language. Thanks for the coaching processes you did for me.
- Claudiney Fullmann, President, Educator, Brazil

(VSS) This training program provided me a process to follow and to use all necessary tools in order to prepare and to follow my sales.
- Jean-P. R., Account Manager

(VSS) Great school! Great Instructor! Great sales interfaces!
- Mitchell L., Technical Sales Specialist

(VSS) This was a very good opportunity to tune-in previously used methods in the sales profession I have been involved with in the last 33 years. Keep up the good work.
- Norbert R, Regional Manager South America

(VSS) Excellent program. Easy to understand and deploy. Well executed. Good, usable tools.
- Bruce H, Account Manager

(ACE) The most outstanding sales training I have ever attended. Top notch.
- Mark P., Senior Vice President

(VSS) Very well done. Every company should go through a session. We really got to know each other as well as each party understood the same mission.
- Dan S., Houston, TX

(Time and Territory Mgmt) Dave's presentation on Time & Territory Management was a comprehensive look at how to best utilize what precious business hours we actually have in the day. I think it really helped our sales force open their eyes to what could be mismanaged time and resources. Thanks for the workshop.
- John Van A., Central Regional Manager

(Academy) This was a great course. The best part was that it taught us selling skills using my products instead of gadgets.
- Nino P, Sales Representative

(Competitor Analysis) Great instruction. Good materials. Excellent presentation skills.
- Norbert R., Regional Mgr., South America

(Defusing Anger and Customer Service Excellence Review) Excellent program. The "flexibility" and range of the instructor made the time fly yet provided a wealth of information.
- Russell L, Director of Operations, The Woodlands, TX

(Principled Negotiations) The class was wonderful, the instructor was great and the material was very beneficial. I really liked the small group of people - I learned more!
- Jennifer O, National Account Mgr, Houston, TX

(VSS) Very interesting and unique approach to selling. Thoroughly enjoyed the seminar.
- Jeremy W., Acct. Representative, Wichita, KS

The course content was customized to fit our industry and Jim Ray literally became one of us the very first morning - outstanding job!
-Brad H., Corporate Staffing Manager

I found many useful ideas in the program, and in particular, I found reinforcement for ideas I knew I should follow through on. Basically, we all know what we should do, but when we hear it from someone else, or from a different direction it sinks in. That's why there are coaches.
-Christopher J. L., Sales

This was the best course I've ever taken. I used the skills Jim Ray taught two days later on a very large deal... and won.
-Jim P., Sales

Your Principled Negotiations workshop applied directly to my industry challenges and gave me ideas that work when faced with everyday negotiation opportunities.
David O., Sales

The question booklet and Training Workshop were both done in a very professional and thorough manner. the people were extremely nice and informative. Follow up was excellent.
-Karen St. O., Sales

Mr. Jim Ray delivered the program with the highest professionalism, he was extremely informative and educational. It was refreshing to deal with someone who had done their homework on our organization. I would highly recommend all sales and management organizations to complete Principled Negotiations if they wish to compete in the professional business arena today.
-Anne M. F., Sales

I felt that the seminar was very well presented and arranged. Jim Ray did an excellent job of facilitating. I have taken many sales training seminars but not any specifically on Negotiation skills. It was very helpful.
-Lisa R., Sales

It was a very interesting workshop. I think everyone walked away with a new strategy. The workshop was especially useful in the fact that our sales group is now selling our "company" rather than just "equipment".
-Susan D., Marketing and Communications Director

Jim Ray is an excellent teacher. This was the best workshop I have been to. I told my Boss upon my return that everyone in our company should attend this training -- it is a must.
-Jesse B., Outside Sales Representative

The ACE Interview was very helpful in motivating me to sell in my new sales position. I can easily put the knowledge I obtained to use in my daily duties. I would recommend this course to other new sales associates.
-Daphanie S., Marketing Coordinator

As always, your staff was professional, energetic and knowledgeable. I have come to expect only the best from Sales Training International, and you deliver. It is so important that our employees present themselves in a professional manner when representing our company. Sales Training International provides our staff with the tools to accomplish that goal.
-Robert "Rob" S. II, Sales

I enjoyed the workshop immensely. No matter how many years of sales experience on has, the ACE workshop will add some valuable pointers to your arsenal. Jim Ray did a great job and was a delight to work with. I definitely recommend the course for both beginners and old experienced "road warriors".
Mike S., Sales

I walked away with real world tools that I put to use immediately to close more business. The course is jam packed with good advice and effective techniques for both the entry level and highly experienced sales people... Highly recommended.
Ron P., Sales

It was a very useful workshop, not only due to the subjects covered but for the excellence of the trainer. The material provided is complete and comprehensive.
Sergio D. S., Sales

This was one of the best Sales Trainings I have ever attended. I especially appreciated the objections workshop, competitor Analysis and FABS.
-Richard H., Sales

The training was fresh and relevant. Our instructor spoke from experience, not theoretical discourse. The frequent application workshops with colleagues was enlightening.
-Steve C., Sales

As a sales manager, I am always looking for training programs that both inform and motivate - STI did both and they exceeded our expectations. The trainer really did his homework on both our company and our industry.
-Joe M., Sales

The tactical training workshop was a great reinforcement of a proven selling tool that enables advantage positioning during the selling process.
-Scott H, Inside Sales

Two weeks after training, it's encouraging to hear the reps using the ACE model . . . and it's working!
-Chris S, Territory Manager

Being new in sales, the ACE Value Interview and Competitor Analysis has helped jump start me! The training helped me learn how to approach a potential customer.
-Angela A, Sales Representative

The ACE Value Assessment gave me a more complete picture of the selling process, and what's involved to sell consistently. It works!
-Jeff A, Branch Manager / Sales

ACE Value Assessment - an excellent course! Very helpful for new sales reps and for those that have been in the field for years. I learned better ways to meet customers and tips to improve my image in person or on the phone.
-Bob M, Sales Representative

I thought the "Competitor Analysis Strategy Session" was taught well, and a must attend for every sales organization.
-Tony R, Senior Account Executive

The ACE Effective Selling Strategies class was great . . . everything far exceeded my expectations.
-Jake L, Regional Account Representative

This is the first class [ACE Effective Selling Strategies] I've taken where I came home and immediately started using the principles. The next day I had the material open on my desk and I even carry it with me in the car to review when I have a spare moment.
-Wendy J, CPA

The Sales Professionals Academy was great! Less than one week after class ended, I was successfully using the P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. model in face-to-face meetings with customers, training our branches and following up on sales calls I had already made. I can attest to the fact that it really works!
-Todd G, Sales Manager

The time management class had a great deal of impact on how I start my day. Thanks!
-Anthony F, Customer Relations

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I have learned and used the P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model. The model has proven to be a valuable tool. I greatly enjoyed to course and found it both interesting and useful. I never knew there was so much psychology in selling.
Mike S, Marketing Coordinator

I enjoyed the casual environment and the staff was very helpful. The trainer is a credit to the profession. Fine job!
Brian H, National Sales Representative

The use of accelerated learning techniques was very effective in helping me retain key ideas. The program was thorough and very practical. The trainer's experience as a successful sales person also lent a lot of credibility to the program.

The Sales Training International staff consistently delivers a curriculum that is easily plugged into our business. Our sales organization has gained tremendous efficiencies through our training at STI.
Jim C, Regional Manager

For the sales beginner and seasoned professional, this course will get you on track, and if you utilize the elements, it will keep you on track. Thanks for getting me back on track!
W P R, Manager, NE Region

I especially liked the way the instructor tailored the work sessions to each student's particular business. The instructor was knowledgeable and energetic.
August H, Manager, Gulf Region

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Legacy Another quality workshop! The instructor was fantastic. Looking forward to more training help.
Rich C, Vice President Sales

After being in sales for 20 years, I was very skeptical, but after 2 days, I was sold. Looking back on my experiences made me realize that I knew what to do, Value Selling Strategies gave me the method to do it. The psychological background added enormously to the course. I will be back for more courses!
Richard P. C, Sales Representative

The course assisted me in developing my selling skills and management skills for when I have to sell new ideas to upper management. The course taught me how to explain myself better and involve the other participants in the decision.
Robert M, Manager - Regional Manager

This course absolutely provided me with the tools I need to be a successful Sales Professional.
Jim C, Regional Manager

Obviously, my main purpose in attending the prospecting workshop was to find a way to continually generate qualified leads. I am putting your methods in place, and I'm sure over time, it will all come together. Passive letter series is in place, and attended trade show last week.
Jon C, Principal

I feel like the proverbial light bulb has been turned on. In the week that I have used my new training, I can already see results. Also, I have doubled my sales goal for the coming year.
Ruth M, Key Account Manager

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The workshop changed my outlook on sales 200%. The amazing thing is people react the way they are supposed to. Thanks. You have changed my career forever.
Terry C, Sales Representative

Value Selling Strategies gives sales people selling techniques that are pretty much infallible. With good prospecting you cannot fail.
Jeff R, Sales

Very well structured program, covered all of the bases for us! We're looking forward to implementing these ideas and measuring growth.
Jim D, Chairman of the Board

LEGACY truly approaches sales management and leadership from the perspective of the quality process: coaching skills, needs identification, team building, measurements, goal setting and continuous improvement. The instructor understands our business issues and offers pragmatic guidance to improve our sales performance. His facilitation and communication skills create a productive learning environment via a lot of participation. His knowledge and command of the subject is demonstrated by his ability to deal effectively with real life situations. LEGACY coupled with the sales training program for all of our Sales Professionals, is an excellent investment from which we expect attractive returns!
Wayne McC, President

In most seminars, you consider them successful if you acquire three to five new pieces of information to add to your organization. In your seminar, we acquired ten to fifteen new and exciting pieces of information. In fact, as a young and growing company, we plan to use many of your ideas and forms to serve as a building block for our sales organization. This was the best seminar I have attended and I would highly recommend your materials.
Bud W, Sales Manager

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If I could grant one wish to every person, no matter what walk of life they travel, it would be that they have the chance to experience reaching for one's outer boundaries and beyond. Sales Training America provides the thrust and propulsion to get you on your way!
Thomas L, Sales Representative

Can't wait to try out our new sales techniques!
Mike C, Sales Representative

The process you provide is a clearly defined and achievable road map to self-improvement. The emphasis on goal setting and performance tracking is key. Using the P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model enhances a salesman's ability to be a "valued consultant" rather than a "product pusher."
Dan R, Sales Representative

Business reality brought into focus to a "T."
DD M, Sales Representative

The course was very useful. The sales model is easy to understand and apply. I also found the goal setting portion to be interesting. I look forward to using what I learned.
Bob S, Sales Representative

I think the approach is strong and very applicable in today's market. The workshop itself is thorough, with class size being small enough to ensure participation and personalized attention.
Brenda G, Regional Sales Representative

This course presents a good alternative to lowering prices as a way of increasing sales.
Deborah C. W, Regional Sales Manager

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I have been to other sales training courses and thought that "Value Selling Strategies" was by far the best. I like the fact that this course really focused on a company's strengths and almost gave a step-by-step approach to a sales call.
John F, Regional Sales Manager

Excellent course for the new salesperson, as well as the seasoned professional!
Richard C, Regional Manager

I've attended many sales seminars in the past. I think by far this is the best structured, well administered one. The P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model is sure to distinguish the person using it and achieve goals more effectively. I'd recommend this seminar to anyone involved in sales.
Rick R, Sales Engineer

The very first attempt at using your selling and marketing techniques has netted some amazing results. Sales Training International has changed the direction of my life.
Pat D, Territory Manager

This course was the single most beneficial tool that I've been given in my 15+ years of selling. There's a right way to do everything and this program is 100% on target.
JJ G, National Account Manager

Subject matter was right on the mark. Very well presented by a convincing teacher.
Michael B, Account Manager

Great class with excellent skills training. Good balance of written, verbal and listening materials.
Michael E, Sales Department

I like the concepts of this program. It was fairly simple and logical. The sales technique can be used in person to person, or to connect over the telephone, which is the way most of my contacts are made. I liked the time/territory management part of the course because we have such a big area and so few people to cover it. The course was held in a very relaxed atmosphere.
Steve D, Sales Representative

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Your workshop was excellent in that it was based on developing "sales skills" and not "product pushing."
Mike C, Sales Representative

The skills presented in this workshop are the most useful concepts I have learned from any sales related course experienced to date. They will be a great asset to me in both business and personal dealings. I highly recommend this sales training for any sales representative wishing to realize his/her full potential.
David B, Sales Representative

The sales techniques presented seemed to offer a comprehensive approach to presenting and selling our products. It allowed flexibility at each step to conform to the customer, product and/or problem being dealt with. In addition, the training reinforced some concepts I already had and introduced some I hadn't thought of. It "woke me up" to the good and not so good I've used in the past. Overall, I believe the course will help me considerably, once I can review and incorporate it. It gave me a good basic formula for sales that I won't have to learn by hit or miss.
Jerry R, Sales Representative

The P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. question concept will prove very useful in further development of my sales skills. It gives excellent ideas on special types of questions that develop specific information. The "interim action plan" is a very good method to enforce to the customer what was discussed and what will happen next. The new ideas for handling objections are very good and will be very helpful. The role play was also profitable. I have not studied all of the objections that were reviewed and handled, but I know they will be beneficial. The many closing techniques will be interesting to use and find out which are most effective. The time management ideas and formats will be extremely useful to implement. Overall, the course and material was unique, well planned, and lively. The instructor naturally did a fine presentation and Sales Training America was an excellent choice. It was time well spent!
Bub H, Sales Representative

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The time was well spent in enabling me to overcome the hurdle of "high selling price" in dealing with customers. The sales model has been very hard to apply in everyday working, but as I become more comfortable, it is becoming habit.
Keith V, Sales Representative

I've been using your script and it's working great. I'm getting about a 95% success rate in setting up appointments and sending information. I can't thank you enough!
Gary S, Sales Professional

This was the best selling skills workshop I have attended during my seventeen years in the industrial sales/service market. In addition to the workshop, the materials provided were first class and can be used for years to come. Whether you're in sales or not, this is a MUST workshop.
Gene G, District Manager

It's a sure fire way to increase sales and lock out the competition!
Alan C, Branch Manager

I had been to two other sales schools before Sales Training America, and could definitely tell a difference before even trying it out.
Gary H, Territory Manager

Fantastic workshop! Shows that it IS possible to sell the benefits of your products and services rather than price. Especially effective on teaching your sales staff how to overcome customer objections.
Dan A, President

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By far the most powerful sales training I've attended. I recommend that any sales professional wanting to have an edge on the competition attend as well.
Bobby B, Sales Department

I found the delivery of the material to be excellent. The trainer is an asset to your team. The quality of the material was far more than I had expected. This program will provide an extraordinary foundation to our organization. This is powerful!
Dennis R, National Director

Excellent and thorough basic sales training, soundly grounded in the psychology of the buying process and current market realities.
Gary P, Sales Department

The (Legacy) workshop was great. It brought the total management views out. This will be a real benefit in managing sales reps.
Richard C, Engineering Manager

There were very clear ways presented that I will adopt to help me manage activities and results. I will be able to make faster decisions - I've already changed coverage of (my region) based on material that was presented. I believe anyone will be more comfortable in their role in management after attending the Legacy workshop.
Dave S, Regional Sales Manager

Great (Value Selling) course and a valued staff to support the workshop.
Richard C, Engineering Manager

Provides a methodology to improve your sales skills and your overall "win" ratio.
David G. I, Utility Sales Manager

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Excellent course. Our field sales personnel were enthusiastic and are using the P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model daily. We are currently implementing the P3 Strategy System and believe it will be very effective in improving our capture ratios on projects.
Jim J, Vice President Sales

I found your training techniques to be exciting and the material to be "right on." The hardest part of "getting people to use it" will be easier with your 12 month follow-up support.
Brian G, National Sales & Marketing Manager

The most comprehensive and informative sales training program I've encountered in my 15 year sales career. A quality tool for Sales Managers to develop sales team skills.
Jim B, Marketing Manager

Being a relative newcomer to the world of technical sales, I definitely gained an enormous amount of knowledge about how to sell. The P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model provides me with a framework to reference and guide me in an organized, methodical manner when trying to sell a job. I was never given this type of information in previous classes or work experiences.
Steve J, Inside Sales Manager

If you spend the follow-up time, after you complete the course, to internalize the P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. concept to your every day sales effort and style, this system will give excellent results!
Wayne T, Sales Department

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The trainer is excellent with people, and understands the customer mentality. His training is thorough. His classes are entertaining. His P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model is thorough, methodical and logical.
Scott T, Utility Sales Manager

Everybody works part of the model, the result is "hit or miss selling." By using all of the model, I can now actively influence a buyer's decision, and most importantly, keep from negatively impacting a sale.
Brian P, Project Engineer

Our whole sales force including sales support managers attended the training and as I see it, one main result was that our company is more focused on "sales." The P3 follow-up is keeping the training ALIVE!
Dave S, LA Sales

The best information I have received.
Jim T, Denver Sales

I consider myself very fortunate to have received the insight this program provided me at the beginning of my direct sales career. I feel far more confident because of it. Thanks to all at Sales Training International.
Paul G, Sales

Being new to sales, I found it reassuring that there is a logical and structured approach to successful selling. The anxiety is now gone!
Tom S, District Manager

I've attended many seminars over the past years. The Value Selling seminar is the first one that I would recommend to anyone. The concepts they present are excellent and presentation is of the highest quality. The workbooks and tapes that we received are valuable and highly informative.
Pat H, District Sales Manager

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The LEGACY course provided everyone attending a look at current hiring methods, development of leadership skills and a unique approach (P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T.) to the buying practices of our customers.
Carl J, Sales Manager

The P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T Model focuses on pulling key information out of the customer so that the sales individual can start problem solving, not just presenting random features.
Sharon K, Sales Representative

The training I received from STI opened my eyes to the importance of customer research and pre planning of sales calls. I also gained the ability to place myself and my company ahead of the competition by exploring and satisfying customer needs.
Kevin C, Sales Representative

I recommend this course to any Sales Professional whether novice or well seasoned! The techniques learned will certainly be of value in achieving that next level of performance all sales people strive for.
Walter K, SE Regional Sales Manager

As a person entering the field of professional sales, I found the VSS workshop gave me the knowledge and the drive to create a strong foundation of a customer base and to continue to achieve any goal I set for myself.
Malcolm D, Sales Representative

Remember, I told you I would use the P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model in Oklahoma? Well, I did and it looks very promising that we will get the offer for retrofitting seven stores. I left my "presentation" in the car and went in armed with P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Thanks, it really works!
Gregory B, Sales Representative

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I am involved in extremely competitive high technology sales. Value Selling Strategies has given me the tools to develop a solid strategy against our competition. I now realize that little things I was taking for granted are our strongest differentiators.
Keith S, Sr. Field App. Consultant

The workshop provided a solid platform to sell from. Most of the ideas covered I had seen/used before, but not in a continuous, directed manner as the P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model.
Dan G, Sales Representative

I learned some things about myself, some things I didn't know, but needed to.
Robert V, Sales Representative

In my 16 years in sales, this course has without any doubt given me a much broader knowledge of selling skills than any course I've attended thus far! Thank you for sharing this knowledge with me.
Gary G, Sales Representative

I learned a lot and it helped me reaffirm that a good sales person is a problem solver.
Bill P, Sales Representative

The course was excellent for us guys that have been selling for a number of years and "thought" we knew what we were doing! Good work!
Gary S, Sales Representative

I feel that the knowledge and techniques that were given to me through Sales Training America gave me a new outlook on my profession as well as life. I look forward to incorporating everything that I learned to generate and propel myself to become the best salesman I can be.
Jeff W, Sales Representative

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The Value Selling Skills program enlightened me to a new way of selling instead of battling out price advantage, and now concentrate on the value of products and services my company has to offer.
Mark R, Sales Representative

I found the coaching, interviewing and hiring sessions of LEGACY most valuable. Coaching enabled me to use hard and fast rules in a format for establishing formal coaching sessions. Hiring and interviewing session utilizes job requirements and responsibilities to format appropriate interview questions and evaluation techniques to ensure a "good fit" with prospective employees.
Debbie O, Eastern Regional Sales Manager

I am looking forward to brighter prospects in the future using the P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model with our target accounts.
Jim L, Manager Sales Operations

Value Selling is a great lesson in the thought processes that should be followed in professional selling. As in most skill development, adopting the process and practice, practice, practice is the key.
Chip B, Sales Representative

I found your course informative. I like the way you broke the class down in simplified steps to follow. I also like the Skill Reinforcer Newsletter. Thanks!
Karen W, Sales Representative

The LEGACY training was relevant and very informative. I picked up many new ideas and solutions to incorporate them. I was very satisfied with the training and the materials presented. I would recommend this program to other Sales Managers.
Dan L, Sales Manager

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Excellent program! Well thought out and presented. Worth the effort to attend!
Chuck H, Sales Manager

Your class was a whirlwind of useful information, presented in a unique manner. Some of it, I used already without knowing it. Other parts, I had simply never thought of. You not only taught the procedures to use, but why they'll work.
Glynn B, Sales Department

If bottom line or value selling is part of your business, this training should be a MUST! Thanks!
Hugh W. H, Sales Representative

Outstanding! Very logical, systematic approach to selling. Wish I could have attended long ago.
Jesse S, Sales Representative

I enjoyed the program very much. Well orchestrated and managed. The instructor was very professional and was able to develop active participation from our group. Course material is very useful and will aid in daily reinforcement awareness.
Sam M, Regional Sales Manager

I have found the class to be helpful in more ways than I expected from one course. Not only was the model a powerful tool, but why people do things was just as important. So far, everything that was taught has been justified!
Glenn H, Sales Representative

This course should be very beneficial in stimulating my sales and personal growth. This exposure to new techniques should enhance my sales efforts and only professionalize them more.
Steve R, Sales Representative

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The course offers an extremely valuable insight into sales psychology, as well as presenting an organizational method to quantify and track subjects, status, and future plans of items many would regard as "intangibles." It is especially helpful to those entering a direct sales responsibility for the first time.
Charles L, Sales Representative

You can teach an old dog new tricks - Thanks!
Ron H, Sales Representative

I think the workshop and method is especially applicable in selling to surgeons who typically have very big egos.
John Z, National Sales & Marketing Manager

Your program was EXCELLENT. Because of time constraints and newness on the job, I am trying to work my way through the book again. Some great ideas. Thanks!
Bob L, Sales Representative

Very excited about the program. On my first major sales call following my training, my customer made a commitment to evaluate our product and the meeting was effortless. I'm looking forward to fine tuning my skills further. You did a great job of applying the P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model to our complicated technology. Being able to call for support for 12 months afterward is definitely added value.
Kathleen D, Sales Representative

Everyone in sales should have this class opportunity!
Don S, Territory Manager

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Excellent program! VSS should help me improve my sales. It will also help defend my business against the competition.
John P, Territory Manager

I really enjoyed the Value Selling Strategies ... there's no reason that price should ever become an objection when utilizing the P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model well.
Megan K, Marketing Department

I have never attended a more impactful and results generating sales training program. It is practical for daily use and can be measured according to any reasonable sales goals.
Jon P, Sales Department

I enjoyed your workshop. I think it is going to help me a lot out in the field. I'm still having a problem keeping my mouth shut about my products until the appropriate time, but I'll keep working on it!
Jim C, Sales Department

Value Selling Strategies workshop provided me with a new way to sell - value rather than price. We often get too caught up in the day to day "give me your price" scenario and this training is a refreshing, thought-inspiring process that truly works.
Mark W, Sales Department

Liked the P.E.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model. Will use the worksheets often before new product "presentations" and interviews. So far it seems to be working fairly well. The binders are great to go back to to refresh my memory as well. I use the worksheets quite often to help me with my customer interviews.
Chuck R, Sales Department

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I think the course was great! I've tried putting the ideas and concepts to work in my territory.
John C, Sales Department

Your program was excellent. As a professional sales person, "sales" is my chosen career. Your program has given me the ability to lock out my current competitors, protect my existing business and attack my competitors with our unique selling features.
Steve M, Sales Representative

Value Selling Strategies has given me the tools to focus again on the strengths of my products, rather than on my competitor's strengths. It's exciting to use VSS and see results.
Brad R, Sales Representative

Your class was great! I found out that there is more to selling than just walking into someone's office and trying to sell our product. The P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model has helped my selling technique in numerous ways. Now I look at it (selling) in a totally different prospective.
Lori G, Sales Account Representative

Excellent! A lot of information in short 3 days! I will be using your follow-up services for the next 12 months and we will be back next year!
Bill L, President

I found your program to be professionally presented and it provided a new perspective for me. I came back to Sky King with a fresh enthusiasm. I feel it is an asset to any professional Sales Representative, and a necessity in today's competitive market.
Dan W, Sales Representative

Excellent program! Don N, Sales Manager

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The CDVS workshop gave me an updated map and compass to help me navigate my way through the sales process. The end result is the safest, shortest route to my personal and financial destination.
Michael S, Sales Representative

The training taught me to be more effective in the way I deal with customers both in person and on the phone. I would recommend it to not only the brand new salesman but also the seasoned veteran. It has helped me tremendously by having a way to zero in on the customers needs without having to make it up as I go. This takes a lot of the guess work out of selling.
Craig A, Sales Department

As a relatively new Sales Manager, this class (Legacy) provided me with a foundation of tools and ideas for the ever challenging job of leading my group to their highest potential. I only wish I had this 18 months ago!!
Judie C, Director Business Development

Value Selling Strategies gave me, someone with no sales experience, the confidence to go out and start selling. Thanks!
Kimberly L, State Group Coordinator

As one individual who had never done sales for a living, I was concerned about maintaining my integrity as a sales professional. STI demonstrated that an individual can maintain their integrity and develop a long term relationship.
Terry A, Sales and Service Consultant

The problem-solving and defusing anger skills I learned in the Customer Service Excellence course were so unbelievably eye-opening, and on a personal level, freeing! The solution to issues I have faced inside and outside of my profession became clear to me during the defusing anger portion of the course.
Clara F, CSR

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Too, the telephone etiquette, trust and rapport, and psychological truth discussions and exercises were quite enlightening. Because of what I learned in the telephone etiquette class, I have put in a request to re-program our "hold/park" time from 1 minute (an eternity) to 20 seconds. I also learned how one can quickly establish or quickly lose trust and rapport.
Debra L, Customer Service Center Manager

The content was very illuminating and helped me crystallize my thinking and priorities; particularly the following segments: Interviewing/Selecting new hires, managing and focusing on activities and attitudes, the "bad hire" scenario, the genius of "P3" and the "Y" philosophy of motivating people.
Ed H, President

The Legacy course provides a wealth of knowledge for someone new to management, or even to one who has managed sales teams previously. For me, it was the vehicle in which to get started, and hopefully "do it right the first time," rather than trial and error the process over a long learning curve. Thanks!
David R, Director of Sales

Great class! I hope we can put many of the chapters into place at our company. We have a sincere need to move forward into our visionary company culture. You have given us a road map.
Dan R, National Account Manager

The STI course was the very best I have ever attended! We are implementing the P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model as our standard selling technique and are going to implement management and measurement of our progress and ROI regarding this effort.
David R, Director of Sales

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Solid approach. Well thought out. Excellent tutor. Good for selling and interpersonal situations!
Jim M, Area Manager

Value Selling workshop will increase my sales. Can and will help in all areas of selling that hold you back from making those big sales (mistakes!).
Mark M, Customer Representative

Well structured, highly effective seminar (The Hunt). Our trainer was knowledgeable and entertaining. We used the seminar as an opportunity to plan our strategy for the upcoming year. A very good investment!
Tom L, President

Organization and presentation 100% professional hands on course so that you do not loose interest.
Teresa B, Cruise Consultant

I got some wonderful ideas and thoroughly enjoyed networking with sales people from all kinds of businesses.
Laura L, Cruise Consultant

This program is excellent! Even though we had a different problem than others in our class, we were able to focus on admissions. I have seen the results already within 2 weeks. Our class sizes have at least doubled!
Beth L, School Admissions

The course enabled me to overcome obstacles in selling, as well as, be a more effective salesperson.
Charles B, Sales Consultant

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I can see so many new possibilities because of this training. The staff was unsure at first, and now P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. is the energy at CCCS.
Merriott T, Vice President

Enjoyed the course - never boring and made pertinent to my situation and needs. When you get down to it, the system is logical and based on common sense.
Maura B, Counselor

I have utilized the passive letter series I learned about in your course and have seen good results to date.
Kimberly McC, Regional Account Manager

The program enables one to take a negative answer or avoidance comment and turn it into a positive naturally. Comments to the buyer are directed towards their needs, not necessarily those of the seller.
Elke M, Sales Rep.

This course was extremely helpful in working us through the correct way in cold calling prospective customers and not being sent out immediately. Big confidence builder.
Kristen M., Sales Rep.

I found the training very useful in turning around potentially difficult calls. Keeping the customer from shutting you down before you've had the opportunity to speak with them.
Sue P, Sales Rep

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