Performance Appraisal

“Feedback, I want and need feedback. Without it, how can I improve?”

Yes, yes all that’s true, now how do you get it?

Sales managers are hard pressed to provide you with an appraisal that focuses on where you need feedback the most – selling knowledge, skills and strategies. Why? Because formal evaluations most often come from HR and there general appraisal is not geared toward your profession. What then? You need specifics!

There are a couple strong options now available to you.

First, the free “Sales Diagnostic Questionnaire” which looks at 204 observable skilled competencies in 31 different areas of selling is online at Go in and take it. The reports are immediate, free and include a narrative with recommendations and a great bar graph to give you an immediate visual.

Second, the “Performance Appraisal System” looks at these same competencies plus another 13 areas (45 total). Instead of giving you the option of saying how well you’re doing on a scale from 1 – 5, it defines each of those areas by telling you what performance at a 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4 and a 5 actually looks like. This minimizes the subjective part of the appraisal and gets you the feedback you need. It makes it harder to kid yourself.

You can find it located on in a PDF document. There is a fee for this incredible research project, but that same fee includes so much more.

Don’t forget to visit the “Saleshelp Alert Bulletin Board” in the “E-Learning Community” located on either online learning site and on It’s open and it’s free. Post your objections, challenges with steps in the sales process and other needs in the profession of sales. Take a look at the other questions posted and see if you can help.

Just a reminder for those of you currently taking classes in,, and we added the “Business Email Etiquette” course and the “Managing Expectations” course. There is no additional charge for these courses.

Thank you for your ongoing support and now go sell something!

Dr. Bob DeGroot

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