15 Clues that suggest an account is in trouble

Some of the very clear symptoms that something is amiss include:

1. Phone calls go unreturned.

2. You don’t have a specific project underway. This could include new business or simply measuring performance of the current sale.

3. Mind-share decreasing. The customer is not calling you for information that is clearly in your area of expertise.

4. Competitors are getting meetings with your contacts.

5. Customer contacts are asking competitor comparative questions.

6. Customer complaints increase. Customer satisfaction is decreasing.

7. Measurable benefits are not being received.

8. Customer is relying less and less on your resources.

9. Your contact with customer contacts exceed the minimal time limits (i.e., 90 days for key decision makers).

10. You don’t know about new decision makers or organizational change.

11. Your access to decision makers decreases.

12. Business that automatically came your way is now put out for bid.

13. Business that should be captured is still put out for bid.

14. Customer asks for more and more types of services, adjustments or product/service modifications you cannot offer.

15. Slight but steady decreases in amounts and types of business you are doing with the customer.


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Dr. Bob DeGroot

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