Prospecting for New Business

Prospecting for New Business Within Current Customers or with New Prospective Customers

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The courses in the Prospecting for New Business Curriculum are included in the total online training package of 30 courses and 9 master reference modules, e-tools and e-books.


  1. Goal Setting
  2. Profile and Qualify

Contact Methods:

  1. Telephone Cold Calling
  2. Voice Mail Strategies
  3. Networking
  4. Asking for Referrals
  5. Passive Letter - e-mail Contact Leveraging Series
  6. Interest Mail - e-mail Contact Leveraging Series

Prospecting Strategy and Funnel Management:

  1. Teleblitzing
  2. Ratio Management
  3. Funnel Management
  4. Time & Territory Management

Tools and E-Books

  1. Conditioning the Mind for Success (e-book)
  2. Priority Prospect / Project (P3) Strategy Session (e-Book)
  3. Prospect Management Spreadsheet with sorting capabilities (Exel Spreadsheet)

Related Courses

  1. Trust and Rapport Building
  2. Active Listening Skills
  3. Interpersonal Communicatons Strategties

Additionally, we have the complete instructions on how to set up a “TeleProspecting System” available for you to use to help you find viable leads for your sales force.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Dr. Bob DeGroot

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