Achieving Customer Service Excellence

What is customer service excellence?

It is simply meeting customer needs in a consistent, balanced and caring manner that makes the customer feel glad they chose to do business with you.

It is supported by a consistent set of positive beliefs about how customers should be “thought about” and treated and it is implemented through the consistent use of specific knowledge, skills and strategies.

People who have reputations for providing consistently excellent customer service typically have a positive outlook on life, enjoy working with people, and treat them with a caring attitude, kindness, and respect regardless of circumstances. They are able to do this consistently and effectively because they have the knowledge, skills and strategies to approach and achieve positive outcomes for the customer even if the core problem remains unresolved.

What are the critical knowledge, skills and strategies needed to work with an upset customer and achieve positive outcomes even when the core problem remains unresolved?

“Active Listening,” “Defusing Anger,” and “Managing Customer Expectations” offer what you need to master.

Remember; ALWAYS TAKE CARE OF THE CUSTOMER FIRST. Only then can you begin to work toward achieving a positive outcome to the problem – whether it is resolved or not.

Dr. Bob DeGroot
Sales Training International

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Achieving Customer Service Excellence

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