Sales Tip - Defusing Anger

It is often the case that sales professionals have to deal with angry customers. Anger can come in various degrees from irritated to enraged, but all its various forms can block the sales or account management process from succeeding.

Whenever someone is angry, it is because they feel they have lost something or are in danger of losing something. It is this loss that causes the anger response. Once they are experiencing the anger, it is very difficult for them to move on to more productive feelings until the anger is defused.

In order to defuse anger, there are three steps that must be accomplished:

Step One: Acknowledge the emotion – it is important to them that you know they are angry.

Step Two: Empathetic Apology – you don’t have to accept responsibility, but you do need to let them know that you are sorry they are in this position.

Step Three: Problem Solve – they want to know that their loss will go away or will not occur again, whichever is appropriate.

If you follow those three steps, in that order, you will be able to effectively defuse most negative emotions. That should put the customer relationship back on track.

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