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  1. Step 12 Identify our potential and/or actual competitors (including "do nothing")
  2. Objection of the Month: "Home office requires we use ______."
  3. Five FREE diagnostic assessments available now on
  4. launched end of January
  5. now has four master reference modules

1. Step 12 in the Strategic Sales Plan: Identify your potential and/or actual competitors (including "do nothing")
If you plan to sell against the competition, you must know who the competition is. Can you imagine how long a professional coach would last if he/she didn't even know who they were playing next week, much less, have worked out a game plan?

In the next two steps, we will discuss specifically what to do with this important piece of information.

2. Objection of the Month: "Home office requires we use ______."

When?: Occurs after initial introduction of your product/service.
Probable Cause [Missing Buyer Belief]: The buyer does not believe he/she has the authority to move forward.
Objective: Identify the buying influences. Prevention Strategy

Prevention Strategies: Find the decision-makers
Identify from your lead source (i.e. referral, directory, etc.) who the person would most likely (by title or function) be in each of the different decision making roles. Identify who needs to be involved and when they should be brought into the loop.
During your initial contact with the receptionist, ask who are the people involved in making decisions about _____.
Ask the prospect what benefits they and those involved will receive as a result of using your products/services.

Response Strategy:

"Thank you for letting me know that. Who are the people I should contact there? Do you have their phone number? Just to clarify, the agreement they made, what leeway do you have for items not provided by that supplier?"

If yes, then orient to areas where you are strong and the competitor is weak and ask the prospect about the concerns they have in these areas. This will either allow you to move forward or will give you the information you need to move forward with the appropriate people at your home office.

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For example: In an inbound call center for a Fortune 50 client, working with eleven staff teaching the "mission critical" customer service skills, the eleven month result was a direct measured bottom-line impact of $350,750. The ROI was so huge and the results so outstanding that the client's team, an independent ROI measurement company and Sales Training International were allowed to make a presentation of how it was done and how it was measured at the American Society for Training and Development's annual conference. An audiotape of the presentation is available.

5. now has four master reference modules available

And, as always, let us know how we can help you achieve your goals.

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