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  1. The "9th" step in the strategic sales plan - Research prospect's critical processes:
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Step 9. Research prospect's critical processes.
How does the prospect make money and how do you impact their ability to make money? How are they currently getting their needs met? All businesses have four needs. Your mind-set must be focused on how you can help them meet one or more of these needs through the use of your products/services.

These four business needs are:

Research the prospect's critical processes necessary for them to have a product/service to sell. Focus on areas you could potentially impact. Look at the process the prospect is currently using for your type product/service to identify holes that you can fill with your unique selling points.

2) Objection of the Month with Prevention and Response Strategies:

Objection: I have to consult with ...
When? After you have conducted your presentation
Probable Cause [Missing Buyer Belief]: Does not believe he/she has full authority to move forward.
Objective: Identify the buying influences


Identify hidden decision makers:

A. In your initial interview, determine who the people are that will be making decisions about your sale. Make sure that the person you are currently talking with becomes your coach. See newsletter "Step 2" to find out more about the different decision-making roles.

B. The person becomes your coach when you ask them solid diagnostic questions, help clarify the decision making criteria, and when you ask them about the benefits they and others impacted will receive. They are now in a position to champion your cause.


"It sounds like we're moving forward. What type of decision will _____ be making about this purchase? Who else will be involved? What types of decisions will they make? Let's make sure that you have the information you need in order to answer any questions they might have. For example, Mr. Jones will be determining if the return is worth the investment, so let's work out a brief cost/benefit analysis to highlight the return, then we can go to work on finding the appropriate references for Mr. Jones."

3) Location of Master list of Objections and Strategic Sales Plan: Look at the "Member Services Preview."

Here you will find the list of objections. Next to the objection is the Buyer Belief that was missing or weak that caused the objection to occur.

The 53 Steps of the Strategic Sales Plan are also listed here. They are also listed in one of the previous newsletters which are located in the newsletter archive - select the "newsletter" button or link.

4) Free Sales Diagnostic Questionnaire on-line with immediate free reports:, is the first item under Guest Services at the top of the page. The reports will be generated and displayed on your screen as soon as you select which ones you want. If you have to log out prior to completing the survey, don't worry, when you log back in you will be taken to the page where you left off.

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