Step 1 - Identify target account based on available profiling data.

The purpose of this step is to identify the key characteristics of your most desirable customers in order to have a template to use to locate other similar prospects.

What do your best customers have in common?

For each of you, there will now be several additional characteristics directly associated with the products and services you sell. Once these are listed, it becomes a simple matter of comparing a current prospect with the profile. You will be able to quickly tell the extent to which they meet your profile.

This is an obvious step, yet research has shown that salespeople spend 64% of their time with prospects who are not qualified. Consider this not only for a new customer, but also for a current customer who wants you to write a proposal on work just slightly outside your normal core competencies. If there are numerous competitors in that area, you will spend a lot of time (because they are a current customer) putting together a proposal that has no chance of success.

The next thing to do with this information is to review your current customers to determine which you would rather have your competitors have to hassle with. Look at your prospect list and replace any that don't meet your list of characteristics. The more closely your prospects resemble your most desirable customers, the easier they will be to sell. Why do suppose that's true?

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