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Step 3 - Determine entry level contact

In the previous newsletter, the second step "Specify, by decision making role, interest generating benefits" was discussed. Once decision makers have been determined and the specific benefits you can offer that appeal to each of the decision makers, the next step is to determine entry level contact. In other words, what strategy do you use to figure out the person you should call on first? What is the most advantageous sequence to call on people within your prospect's company?

Generally, you should select the decision maker based on your ability to develop that person into a coach or mentor so that they can guide you to the rest of the decision makers that are important to securing the sale. Working first with an ideal situation, what would be the sequence you would prefer to use? Write the decision maker's role (and name if you know it) down. The decision maker roles are final authority(ies), specifier(s), negotiator(s), consumer/end user(s), coach(es), and recommender(s). Place a number on the line in front of the decision maker roles to signify the sequence of your choice. It is advisable to make contact with several people within the same organization at the same time so that if one person blocks your progress, you still have alternative people to contact or get back to with additional information. Use multiple methods of making contact (e.g., phone, e-mail, fax, direct mail) so that you will get the opportunity to communicate your story.

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