Step 5 - Set Call Objectives

This Strategic Sales Plan is your master list of call objectives. As you complete each step, you've advanced the sale toward closure. There will be sub-steps for many of you. Add those to your own version of this plan. Continue to collect steps and tactics until there isn't a stone unturned for your own master Strategic and Tactical Sales Plan.

1. List specific objectives of what you want to accomplish on the initial contact. The Strategic Sales Plan is a list of call objectives.

2. There may be other specific objectives you have to accomplish when contacting a prospect other than those listed in the main steps of this plan. Identify them and begin to build your own master Strategic and Tactical Sales Plan. Be sure to keep track of the tactics you use successfully to implement each step. Email them to me if you feel they should be added to our overall plan.

Objection of the Month

Objection: We do it internally with our own people.

When? Initial contact.

Probable Cause: [Missing Buyer Belief] Does not believe a need exists.

Objective: Establish a need.

Prevention Strategies

1. This strategy relies on your learning some about "how" they do it internally. Look for the holes in the process they use that you could fill.

A. In your initial research of the company you will find out who you compete against. Internal competition must also be analyzed.

B. Focus your introductory comments in areas where you are strong and they are weak.

C. Have at least one or two USPs that you know few, if any, internal departments would be able to do. Focus your introductory comments in these areas.


"You are really fortunate to be able to get in-house support in these areas. By the way, who would I talk to in that department? Would you know off-hand if they outsource jobs in the areas of _____, _____ or _____ (USPs)? What are your greatest concerns in these areas?"

Please contact us with any questions and comments you have. Thanks and have a great sales day!

Sales Process Analyst Team

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