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This page is designed to help clarify some of the confusion brought about when Jim Baker started using the Sales Training URL and company name, the URL and the STI abbreviation.

Very flattering to be imitated but also a bit confusing to customers new and old alike. And, Baker is not the only one.

In May of 1995 Sales Training America ® became registered trademark of Robert DeGroot and Sales Training International ® (STI).

Sales Training America is also our (STI) former company name. Sales Training America remains a brand name for our company.

Our Web site is (and

Sales Training International is not affiliated in any way with the Web site Sales Training America nor the URL which takes you to the Sales Training Institute (STI). Those sites established in or about 2002 are owned and operated by Jim Baker of Baker Communications Inc. in Houston Texas.

In summary:

  • Our URL is not which is owned by Jim Baker
  • Our initials are commonly used as STI to reflect Sales Training International, not Sales Training Institute which is owned by Jim Baker
  • Our trademark is the Sales Training America Logo. The web site Sales Training America is owned by Jim Baker.

There is also "Sales Training International" in the UK that uses our company colors as well. When I contacted the STI in the UK they sounded a bit embarrassed at being caught but then decided that they would keep the name since we're not listed as a corporation in the UK. Further, they knew about us because they could not acquire the URL and had to settle for one with the abbreviation of the word international in it.

For more information about the history of Sales Training International please see "About us."

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