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Blog Post - August 06, 2020
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Persistence Pays Off

Selling SkillsPersistence if vital to successful selling. How vital? Very - According to the National Sales Executives Association. Their survey unearthed these startling findings:

80% of all new sales are made after the fifth contact to the same prospect. 

48% of all salespersons make ONE call or contact then cross off the prospect. 

25% quit after the second call or contact. 

12% call or make contact three times then quit. 

10% keep calling or making contacts. 

The Ten Percent Who Persist Get Payoffs. 

They Collect They Dividends on What Others Invested. 

Note: 96% of all sales are made after the 19th contact with the same prospect. Based on the cost of the sales contact, account potential and the profits of the product/service, find your limit for cost/effective selling. 

This still valid study done many years ago by John Charnay of the National Sales Executives Association (NSEA)* illustrates how many contacts it takes to win a sale versus how many contacts are normally attempted. 
* NSEA is now Sales and Marketing Executives International (


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