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Blog Post - August 10, 2020
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Top Sales Producers are Always in Demand

Selling SkillsNo Job?

Imagine for a moment that you find yourself precarious predicament of not having a job. This is crazy; you’re in sales. And yet, all of a sudden, you’re not as indispensable as you once thought you were.

How are you going to make a living?

Here’s something to think about; top producers are always in demand. What would they do?

Top producers would find something to sell. They don’t need a salary. They only need the product or service they can sell. It doesn’t matter if it’s rug cleaning or wind turbine blades. Why?

Because they know their sales activity ratios, so they would know what it will take to quickly find and close sales opportunities.

They know:

  • How many dials, emails, texts, it will take to reach the decision-maker.
  • How many decision-makers they would talk with before they get a telephone or in-person appointment and qualify the opportunity.
  • How many appointments it would take to make a sale of what size.

During these times, when in-person contact must be limited, these top sales producers would look for something they could resell using online directories, email, and the telephone for the entire sales process. This strategy would also extend their reach beyond the borders of the community in which they find themselves.

Where to look? When you sell a product or service for some manufacturer or service originator and are not their employee, you become a manufacturer’s representative or agent. Go ahead, use your favorite search engine and look up jobs for manufacturer’s rep. There’s even a national association that matches manufacturers with reps.

Selling is not an unskilled occupation.

People buy from top sales producers because they know how to position what they so that the customer realizes that the product or service will fundamentally change how the customer does business or for consumer sales, the person’s self-perception about who they are, and do so for the better. These are called the product or service’s Unique Selling Points. They know they must have one game-changer or three to five smaller ones that quantifiably impact the buyer – and every product or service or delivery system or salesperson has them.

Knowing the functional needs, they can fill with the product or service selected; it’s a matter of applying their selling skills to complete the sales process.

If a top sales producer still wants to be an employee, they can then approach the company with the product or service they want to sell and sell themselves using the same techniques they would use to sell the company’s products or services.

If you don’t know how to sell at the level where you can pick up a product or service off the streets and pull all this together, then start at the beginning and do a complete checkup of your selling skills.

Strategic Sales Plan book coverStart with the Strategic Sales Plan sales process. Go to to the free resources page and download the checklist of the 44-step diagnostic sales process. Also on

Look at each step, determine if you need to do it for what you currently sell, and if you know how to do it effectively. You will always find the pattern of steps that were missed that caused your sales to fail, and the pattern of steps that caused your wins to be won.

Cross validate this by looking at the objections you get. Go to to the free resources page and download the checklist of the 85 Most Common Sales Stopping Objections, also on You’ll be able to see which buyer belief is missing that is causing each objection you get. Most salespeople only get objections in three or four of the ten categories. These are directly linked to steps in the sales process not being done

Now you know where you stand. You’ve got a good inventory of the sales skills you have that are working for you, and you have a good inventory of what’s missing. Learn how to do what you need to know how to do to be that top sales producer who is always in demand.


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