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Blog Post - August 12, 2020
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Sales Process Diagnostics: Why Sales Fail and How Wins are Won

Selling SkillsWhat are the steps in your sales process?

If you sell solutions to your customer’s problems and do so in highly competitive markets, then you must pay attention to the details of every step in your sales process.

For the past 32 years, our company has conducted thousands of sales autopsies across industries and around the world to find out why sales failed.

We always asked questions to uncover which step(s) in the sales process was missed or not done well enough to ultimately cause the sale to fail?

The next question is obvious, what steps must be done to cause a sale to be won? Are they the same as those that, when missed, cause the sale to be lost? Most of the time, the answer will be yes. But what changes is who does the step.

The research continued by pointing to a step and asking, does this step need to be done? What are the consequences if this step is not done?

This is how you can validate the steps in your sales process. Just make a list of the steps in your sales process, look at the sales that failed, find the step or most often, pattern of steps that were missed that caused the sale to fail. If it’s not apparent, then you’re missing a step in your sales process. You must get down into the weeds. Become diagnostically minded.

Let me save you a lot of work. The sales process we used in our research is based on the psychological buying process. It’s now called the Strategic Sales Plan. It’s a comprehensive sales process of 201 action items to complete 44 steps organized in eight phases.

After the initial 2,500 sales autopsies conducted with various companies around the world, we refined it to the point that after you validate it for what you sell, you will find the patterns of missed steps that cause your sales to stop or stall – 100% of the time. You will find the pattern of steps that must be done to cause your sales to be won – 100% of the time.


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