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Blog Post - September 03, 2020
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How do you know when to do work planning, training, or coaching?

Customer Care logoCoaching Diagnostic with the Triad of Performance

When you are not getting the level performance you expect, then you must determine what’s causing it and take the appropriate action.

Ask the questions, document how you know your answers are correct, then take the right action.

1. Does the person know “what” to do? If you can demonstrate how you know they know “what” to do, then move on to the next question. If not, then it’s time to sit down with them to do work planning, so it is clear what they are to be doing and at what level of proficiency.

2. Does the person know “how” to do it? How do you know? Have they demonstrated proficiency doing it in the past? If not, get the person training.

3. Is the person doing it at the required level of proficiency? After you’ve answered the first two questions in the affirmative, and performance is still not there, now it’s time to coach. A part of coaching is to explore obstacles blocking optimal performance and work with them to resolve those issues and then to coach them on how best to perform the tasks at hand.

Next blog, we’ll discuss how to use the three-step quick coaching technique.



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