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Blog Post - April 2, 2021
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Preempt the Objection, “Not Interested.” Strategy 4 of 5

ObjectionFreeSellingIconObjection 1 of 85: Not interested.

When does it usually occur? Initial contact.
Probable Cause: Prospect does not believe a need exists.
Objective: Establish a need.

Preemption Strategy four of five:

Work with your Marketing Department to develop literature and other promotional pieces to directly address (preempt) objections you get.

For example, we worked with an insurance agency that continuously ran TV ads. You know the type. Nevertheless, they generated a lot of inbound calls. We asked the agents to write down any objection that stopped or stalled the sale.

Initially, we interviewed the agents about the objections to understand which Buyer Beliefs were missing that triggered them. We then worked to make changes to the ads to prevent and preempt the agents' objections.

Over the course of a month, we helped decrease the number of objections the telephone agents received by well over 70%. We then taught the agents the objection response process, and we taught them the "Peer-to-Peer Sales Coaching" process. Both of which you'll learn as we move through the blogs.

In other companies, after the product managers and marketing staff attended training with the sales teams, they worked together to rewrite the literature to prevent and preempt the common objections.


Objection Free Selling book coverThis blog's content comes from Chapter 6: Strategies Specific to Each Objection in the Objection Free Selling book.

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