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Blog Post - November 1, 2021
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Respond to the Objection, “We're satisfied with our current supplier.” Strategy 3 of 3

ObjectionFreeSellingIconObjection 3 of 85:We’re satisfied with our current supplier

When does it usually occur? Initial contact.
Probable Cause: Prospect does not believe a need exists.
Objective: Establish a need.

"And, that's why I'm calling. There are some major (exciting, game-changing, etc.) changes in ___ and ___ (state areas of greatest change related to your Unique Selling Points), and I would like to get you some written information about how we see these issues impact your industry's ability to ___. Is now a good time to quickly verify some information?"

Note: Grammatically, you would put the word "quickly" at the end of the question, but using a Neuro-linguistic programming principle, I put it up-front to get the intended message through quickly. Also, please use synonyms that are more appropriate for your industry and what you sell. Sometimes "breakthrough" is more exciting than "change." But take care with "save you money," "incredible quality," "safe," and other such generic terms. You must explain how this happens to support these terms in the same sentence (almost).

You can also include "hook" phrases such as, "this is giving salespeople quite a competitive advantage." Or, "Our customers are saving as much as an hour per use per day with this strategy. It's at least worth spending a couple of minutes learning how they can do that; that makes sense, doesn't it?"

Also, if your prospects have websites that cite competitive advantages, corporate values, or strategic initiatives (often mentioned in annual reports and news releases), then tie your Unique Selling Points to their ability to achieve these initiatives.

You must learn to use your Unique Selling Points to introduce needs customers don't know they have or don't know how to meet them. If you can't rattle off your Unique Selling Points as they apply to the prospect, how can you expect them to know them?

If you need to, call their sales department and create internal coaches with their salespeople. Use the magic coach creating question, "could you help me please?" I doubt you'll hear "no" from a salesperson.

If you're unsure about your Unique Selling Points, review our previous 2020 blog #8 that shows you how to find them and translate them into the competitive language of selling – Features, Advantages, Benefits (2020 blog #14).  

Or, you can go to our website ( and select the green sales skills button, then the free stuff link to download a copy of the four box, sales-style, competitor analysis form.

And if you're still having trouble, download a copy of "Differentiating Factors: 80+ ways companies that sell pure commodities quantifiably differentiate themselves in their markets."

We've done thousands of these sales-style competitor analysis that we developed and have yet to identify a product, service, company, or salesperson where we couldn't identify at least three Unique Selling Points that could quantifiably make a difference for their prospective customer – and sometimes, it's not about the money. Look to the four business needs or the fundamental human needs to identify the selling functional benefits that will cause the sale.

If still puzzled, then spend $9.95 for the eBook. It's all there and a lot more.


Objection Free Selling book coverThis blog's content comes from Chapter 6: Strategies Specific to Each Objection in the Objection Free Selling book.

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