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Blog Post - February 2, 2022
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PREVENT the Objection, “We do it internally with our own people.” Strategy 1 of 5

ObjectionFreeSellingIconObjection # 5 of 85:We do it internally with our own people.

When does it usually occur? Initial contact.
Probable Cause: Prospect does not believe a need exists.
Objective: Establish a need.

PREVENTION STRATEGY 1 of 5: This strategy relies on learning about “how” they do it internally. Conduct a standard sales style competitor analysis. Look for the resources they employ internally.

Look for the holes in the process they use that you could fill in all the areas you impact including their products, services, critical processes, business plan, strategic initiatives, and their competitive selling environment. After you've done this with several companies, you'll see clear patterns where your Unique Selling Points can have a significant and positive supporting or augmenting impact.

Remember, they may not need the big function your product or service performs; they're already getting that from their in-house resources. But what they are not getting are the additional functions performed by your Unique Selling Points that meet their fundamental human needs or one or more of their four business needs. Did deep, you'll surely find them.

For example, our familiarity with psychometric research saved one client from selecting a pre-employment test for sales people that had not been validated with salespeople who failed in their positions, only with successful reps. That's a court case rabbit hole waiting to happen.


Objection Free Selling book coverIf you want a shortcut to the top of the sales force, invest $9.95 for the eBook or $19.95 for the paperback. Carry it with you. Tab the pages, make your own notes, and start your own sales objections strategy book for the specific objections you get for what you sell. Make flashcards. I did.

This blog's content comes from Chapter 6: Strategies Specific to Each Objection in the Objection Free Selling book.

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