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Blog Post - May 24, 2022
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Respond to the Objection, “I can't use any more _____.” Strategy 3 of 3

Objection_Free_Selling_IconObjection # 6 of 85: I can't use any more _____."

When does it usually occur? Initial contact.
Probable Cause: Prospect does not believe a need exists.
Objective: Establish a need.

RESPONSE STRATEGY 3 of 3: “So that’s a great reason for us to talk about “just in time” inventory strategies now before things start moving again. I think we can help free up dollars you’ve got tied up in your inventory. Makes sense to do this now, doesn’t it? When would be a good time for us to get together for a quick orientation and planning session?”

While this response works well on its own, a transition sentence would increase its acceptance. You choose which transition sentence to use that will help prevent arguments, support without agreeing (unless you do), and let the customer know that new or reinterpreted information is on its way. For example:

  • “Ordinarily, that would be my conclusion too, however . . .”
  • “And that’s exactly why I’m calling.”
  • “That's a good point, and I'm glad you brought it up. When I first looked at this information, I came to the same conclusion, and then I found out . . .”
  • “That's an important point I want to be sure to cover.”
  • “I understand how you feel because that’s how I felt when I first came across this, and then I found out . . .”
  • “That makes sense, and it also makes sense when you add . . .”
  • “That's a valid objection to your application, so to compensate we . . .”
  • “Under ordinary circumstances that would clearly apply, however, when we . . .”
  • “That's what I said when I first heard about this; then I found out . . .”
  • “I can understand how you could feel that way. In fact, several of my customers felt that way until they found out . . .”
  • “And that’s why we focus on providing a much better ______. Let me explain.”
  • “And . . .”

And, of course, you should invest in developing your own. Create and memorize a few that can flow from you every time you get hit with an objection. They even work well when you hear an idea different from the one you want to propose.


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