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Blog Post - February 7, 2023
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Preempt the objection, "It will never get through the system." Strategy 3 of 3

Objection_Free_Selling_IconObjection # 8 of 85: It will never get through the system.

When does it usually occur? After your presentation.
Probable Cause: Buyer does not believe s/he has enough authority to move the project forward or is unsure how to proceed..
Objective: Identify the key decision-makers in this sale and create coaches and champions.

PREEMPTION STRATEGY 3 of 3: Ask a lot of "Benefit Questions" to create Coaches, Mentors, and Champions. With a little experience, you know when and where in the sales process this concern will come up and stop or slow your progress. Beat them to the punch, and take the energy out of what could become a problematic roadblock.

So this all starts with the venerable transition sentence of your choice. For example, Before we get too much further, let me ask a couple of quick questions to discover the extent to which we have a fit. Won't take long.

Next, start asking questions about the benefits they (this person, bosses in different departments your product or service impacts, and others significant to their buying process) would receive by having what you sell. TARGET these questions around the needs only you can fill. See 2020 blog # 24 for more about how to do this. With this process, you are also creating favorable attitudes.

If you're unsure about how to Create Attitudes Instantly, invest in an ebook by the same title Or, read Chapter 13 (Competitor Proofing) in Objection Free Selling.

Resources: Objection Free Selling is now 68 months, that's over 5 and a half years, on the Amazon Top 100 Best Sellers list. Get your copy today.

Objection Free Selling book cover

Invest $4.99 for the eBook or $19.95 for the 316 page paperback and never again get an objection the second time that you can't handle. The paperback makes sense because you can carry it with you. Tab the pages, make your own notes, and start your own sales objections strategy book for the specific objections you get for what you sell. Make flashcards. For years and years, from company to company, that's what I did, and that's why I was always at the top of the sales force.

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Strategic Sales Plan

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