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Conducting a needs analysis is standard practice before investing time, money, and efforts to make or buy training. Diagnose before you prescribe is common sense.

We provide a free ten-question quick skills survey to help identify the priority customer service skills development areas to ensure the greatest ROI.

Customer Service Skills Survey - Free online
Customer Service Diagnostic Questionnaire
Customer Service Diagnostic Questionnaire

This questionnaire explores the extent to which the person can perform the skills and strategies found in the Customer Service courses. These courses were identified through surveys and in the field needs analysis as priority skills areas for customer service representatives and others with customer interface responsibilities (help desk, technical support, engineering, etc.).

The first set of skills that were developed into training courses were selected based on a national survey of the top identified needs for customer service reps and confirmed by a survey conducted by the education committee of the International Customer Service Association, Houston Chapter.

The next set of skills were added as needs analysis indicated they could impact the customer experience or the direct performance capabilities of staff in a way the could be measured with both a positive and a negative result on ROI.

This 33 question diagnostic can be customized to your company's needs and loaded into a commercially available survey software such as TruScore or Survey Monkey.

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