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Individual, Annual, Perpetual - Unlimited or Limited Use Licenses

We do not sell our content but we do provide non-exclusive licenses to use it for various terms such as individual one-time use, annual use, and perpetual or lifetime use. The licensed content is not to be used in competition with us. Other terms and conditions are specified in the agreements.

Licenses are available for all Instructor-Led Training, Web-Based Training, Software, Diagnostic Surveys, and books/eBooks.

Individual and annual site use licenses: These seat licenses are provided through our reseller. Select any web-based training course on this website you are interested in obtaining one of these limited use licenses, and the process and pricing are provided on their website.

Limited Use Licenses: These licenses allow the holder to reproduce a specified amount of materials to be used usually by a specified date. For example, 250 Participant Manuals for the Value Selling Strategies course to be used by _____ (date). This license is renewable as needed.

Perpetual Use Licenses: These licenses enable the holder to customize, reproduce, and use the content in unlimited quantity for an indefinite time.

Process: Select the content you would like to license then contact us for additional information and pricing. Some content appears in more than one course. We can help with the selection to ensure that duplication is avoided.


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