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Each of the sales management courses are designed to be taught in three to four hour blocks of time. Four or five modules can then be selected based on needs and structured into the traditional two-day training course.

Our courses are designed using a modular format so we can construct an appropriate curriculum based on needs analysis and diagnostic testing.

Most ILT courses are designed to follow a modified "Acccelerated-Learning" format we helped develop in collaboration with university and corporate experts in the field.

All of the courses have trainer manuals.

The Instructor-Led Sales Management Training participant and trainer manuals are maintained with minimal formatting to enable rapid customization and rebranding. Contact us for more information:

1. Managing Quality Sales Efforts
2. Career Path for Sales Professionals
3. Interviewing, Selecting and Hiring
4. Sales Professionals Performance Appraisal
5. Sales Coach
6. Peer-to-Peer Sales Coaching*
7. Creating and Leading a Motivating Sales Culture
8. Effective Meeting Planning and Facilitating
9. Reseller Strategy*
Sales Managers Legacy

Support Materials for Sales Management ILT Courses

* Produced Best-Selling eBooks


Instructor-Led Sales Management Training Course Descriptions

Managing Quality Sales Efforts logo1. Managing Quality Sales Efforts (Training time: 4 hours)

  • Quality is defined as conformance to requirements.
  • This course reviews these requirements described in detail in the Sales Professionals Job Description which covers 50 topics on 26 pages.
  • Once both the salesperson and the sales manager know the expectations and requirements for a quality job, then being unaware of what is expected becomes a thing of the past.


Career Path for Sales Professionals logo2. Career Path for Sales Professionals (Training time: 4 hours)

  • Designed to keep top sales performers in sales and still get promoted.
  • Learn to establish a career path in sales that parallels that of management.
  • Fourteen criteria are provided to measure for each level in the career path from skills development, to level of execution, to production requirements.


Interviewing and hiring logo3. Interviewing, Selecting and Hiring (Training time: 4 hours)

  • A "criteria driven" interviewing process can reduce hiring errors by as much as 42%.
  • Includes: Interviewing "T Form" Questionnaire with comprehensive question pool based on job description categories.
  • List what you want (job description items, performance expectations, education, experience, etc.) in the left-hand column and across from each item list how you know they can do it.
  • Use evidence from multiple sources such as the resume, references, demonstrations, diplomas, certificates, etc. to determine if they meet the requirements.
  • Each item and evidence get a weight assigned so that a numerical score can be calculated.
  • Includes the Sales Professionals Detailed Job Description.
  • The Sales Professionals Detailed Job Description is used in this course, as well as in the Performance Appraisal, Sales Coach, and Career Path for Sales Professionals courses. 


Performance Appaisal logo4. Sales Professionals Performance Appraisal (Training time: 4 hours)

  • Understand the steps in the appraisal process
  • Learn to write descriptively about levels of performance
  • Know the types of comments not to make
  • Understand how to plan the observation schedule
  • Know where not to document performance
  • Understand how to conduct the performance appraisal session
  • Understand the goal-setting process
  • Empower improvement

This course includes the comprehensive Salesperson Rating Guide with descriptions for each of the five-points on the Likert Scale in 50 different areas to evaluate.


Sales Coach logo5. Sales Coach (Training time: 4 hours)

  • Provides the tools to know what to coach, when to coach, and how to coach. Includes:
    • Formal coaching
    • Curbside coaching (uses the Strategic Sales Plan checklist)
    • Peer-to-peer coaching (also a stand-alone course)
  • Maximize your ability to "get results through the efforts of others." 


Peer to Peer Sales Coaching logo6. Peer-to-Peer Sales Coaching (aka P3) (Training time: 4 hours)

  • This is the one strategy that will dramatically improve sales results, sales projections, and team spirit in less than 90 days.
  • ILT includes trainer and participant manuals, Power Points slides, P3 drill, and brainstorming guide.
  • Abbreviated version included in Sales Coach.


Creating and Leading a Motivating Salse Culture logo7. Creating and Leading a Motivating Sales Culture (Training time: 4 hours)

  • Work units (teams, divisions, companies) that tend to be highly successful in producing and sustaining high quality and quantity work, as well as high job satisfaction, have strong motivational cultures.
  • Identify your team’s vision, mission, values, critical success factors, and goals that drive success.
  • Connect the goals’ action items to the responsible person’s calendar.


Effective Meetings logo8. Effective Meeting Planning and Facilitating (Training time: 4 hours)

  • The first part of the course focuses on the core knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to set measurable objectives, identify participants and why they should attend, set the agenda activities, and determine if the benefits are worth the costs.
  • The second part of the course focuses on the skills needed to facilitate a meeting including mental preparation, platform etiquette, participant engagement strategies, brainstorming process, consensus building steps and handling troublesome participants.
  • Support materials include a meeting facilitation planning guide and a Job Aid style checklist.


Reseller Strategy logo9. Reseller Strategy (Training time: 4 hours)

  • Provides a systematic process to identify and select resellers appropriate to your company.
  • Teaches powerful involvement techniques to make sure your Value-Added Reseller or distributor is working hard for you and pulling your products out of the bag first.
  • Reseller Strategy is also a bestselling ebook in the USA and the UK.


Legacy logoSales Managers Legacy (Training time: 2 days)

  • The Legacy consists of a selection of the sales manager’s courses listed above, to fit within the confines of a standard two-day training session for managers.
  • Generally, always try to include the Peer-to-Peer Sales Coaching course (1-hour session) because the results are so dramatic for those who implement it on an ongoing basis.


Support Materials for Sales Management ILT Courses

  • Sales Professionals Detailed Job Description
  • Sales Managers Detailed Job Description
  • T-Form Questionnaire template
  • Interview Question Pool – based on the job requirements document
  • Sales Performance Rating Guide
  • Curbside Coaching Guide (Strategic Sales Plan 2-page checklist)
  • Peer-to-Peer trainer and participant manuals, Power Points, Drill, & Brainstorming Guide
  • Meeting Facilitation Planning Guide
  • Consensus Building Guide


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