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Legacy Bundle - Available only as Instructor Led Training (ILT) at this time.

Legacy logoThe current Web-Based Sales Manager's Training courses are in transition moving from the Sales Training International Learning Management System on to a SCORM capable software development platform. All the current web-based sales management courses have completed the redesigned phase and are ready for redevelopment.

Currently, the Reseller Strategy course is available.

Review the Instructor-Led Course Descriptions for the content of the sales management eLearning courses.


Reseller Strategy

Reseller Strategy logoThe course is based on the Amazon Top 100 Best Selling book, Reseller Strategy (sold separately by bookstores and online retailers)

Have you ever wondered why some resellers are quick to focus their selling efforts on your behalf, while others just don't seem to get around to pulling your products out of the bag?

Tried motivational promotions and awards with minimal results? Get excuses about performance or price as the reason for weak sales? Have trouble communicating with them?

This course is designed to help you help your resellers want to pull your product or service out of the bag first.

Based on the Amazon Top 100 Bestselling eBook with the same title.

Select this link or the logo to the right to preview and buy this course on ($15.00).


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