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Legacy logoSales Manager courses currently available through out reseller:

  1. Managing Quality Sales Efforts
  2. Sales Professionals Performance Appraisal
  3. Sales Coach
  4. Peer-to-Peer Sales Coaching*
  5. Curbside Sales Coaching
  6. Reseller Strategy*

Special: Sales Coach Series Cost Saving Bundle

* Based on Best-Selling eBook


Managing Quality Sales Efforts

Managing Quality Sales Efforts logoThe sales manager is responsible for "getting results through the efforts of others."

Getting results is the sales manager's primary function; that's what they are evaluated on. How can that happen unless the sales manager and the salesperson can precisely identify and define those efforts required to succeed?

Requirements include what to do, when to do it, how often it's done, at what level of proficiency?

Quality is defined as conformance to requirements.

This course reviews these requirements described in detail in the competency model-based Sales Professionals Job Description and Requirements. The document covers the seven major categories of selling broken down into 43 subcategories, each with its own set of requirements for success.

Download a copy and customize these requirements for what you sell as you go through the course. Hold team meetings to review and further adjust the requirements based on the feedback you get.

Now you and your salespeople know what is required to get the targeted results; you have a way to diagnose when something goes wrong. Further, you'll know specifically what efforts need coaching and, more specifically, what type of coaching would be most effective (formal, curbside, or peer-to-peer).

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Sales Professional's Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal logoEvery staff person should know their performance levels in all the critical areas, all the time, not just once a year.

The purpose of a continual performance evaluation is to provide frequent accurate feedback on performance that motivates improvement, development of new skills communicates the organization's priorities and clarifies expectations.

It is a way to get a clear perception of how a person matches the expectations set out for them as well as those they have for themselves.

  • Understand the steps in the appraisal process
  • Learn to write descriptively about levels of performance
  • Know the types of comments not to make
  • Understand how to plan the observation schedule
  • Know where not to document performance
  • Understand how to conduct the performance appraisal session
  • Understand the goal-setting process
  • Empower improvement

This course includes the comprehensive Salesperson Rating Guide with descriptions for each of the five-points on the Likert Scale in 50 different areas to evaluate.

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Sales Coach

Sales Coach LogoSales managers are evaluated on their ability to obtain results through the "efforts" of others.

What are these efforts? For selling, the efforts are skilled activities, processes, applied knowledge, strategies and tactics that must be used at some level of proficiency in order to carry out the steps in the sales process.

When the efforts aren’t getting the results either from not doing them right or not living up to full potential, it’s time to coach.

This course provides the tools along with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to know what to coach, when to coach, and how to coach.

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Peer-to-Peer Sales Coaching*

Reseller Strategy logo If there were just one system sales managers could implement that would improve sales results of their team in a most dramatic way, it would be the Peer-to-Peer Sales Coaching System.

The purpose of this system is to provide a mechanism to focus the knowledge, skill, and experience of the entire sales team on developing strategies and tactics for challenges with individual priority prospects and projects to improve closing ratios dramatically.

This is the one strategy that will dramatically improve sales results, sales projection accuracy, and team spirit in less than 90 days.

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* Based on Best-Selling eBook


Curbside Sales Coaching

Curbside Sales CoachingSelling is not an unskilled occupation.

Curbside sales coaching is a quick and easy way to help salespeople identify specific knowledge, skills, and strategies to improve using live sales calls in real time so they know what’s happening is accurate and trustworthy.

Achieve the best results quickly and efficiently by focusing on the three phases of the sales call coaching process:

  1. Pre-Call Planning: Learn to use a validated detailed sales plan to identify steps in the sales process, completed steps, and the call objective steps to achieve on the next sales call
  2. The Sales Call: Clarify and understand the different roles and boundaries for sales and management during the sales call
  3. Post-Call Coaching: Use the psychologically superior modified sandwich technique to achieve positive outcomes

Note that while the instruction segment of this course is intentionally short and to the point, the tools provided in the Resources tab are invaluable to conducting the curbside sales coaching process consistently and competently.

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Sales Coaching Bundle

Sales Coaching Bundle logoAll three courses in the sales coaching curriculum in one cost saving bundle.

  1. Sales Coach – Formal sales coaching process to get optimal results through the efforts of others
  2. Peer-to-Peer Sales Coaching* – Quickest way to boost sales, sales projection accuracy, and team spirit
  3. Curbside Sales Coaching – Using live sales calls in real-time to achieve in the moment improvements

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* Based on Best-Selling eBook


Reseller Strategy*

Reseller Strategy logoHave you ever wondered why some resellers are quick to focus their selling efforts on your behalf, while others just don't seem to get around to pulling your products out of the bag?

Tried motivational promotions and awards with minimal results? Get excuses about performance or price as the reason for weak sales? Have trouble communicating with them?

This course is designed to help you help your resellers want to pull your product or service out of the bag first.

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* Based on Best-Selling eBook


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