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Sales Diagnostics

Conducting a needs analysis is standard practice before investing time, money, and efforts to make or buy training. Diagnose before you prescribe is common sense.

Sales Training International offers three comprehensive standardized and customizable competency model sales diagnostic questionnaires, one objection free selling skills survey, and two sales diagnostic checklists.

The diagnostic tools are designed for salespeople who sell solutions to their customers problems and do so in highly competitive markets.

Sales Training International provides cross-validated standardized and customizable competency model selling skills diagnostics, along with training courses and modules matched with the areas tested. No other company provides the breadth and depth of "skills" based sales diagnostics.

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Books and eBooks

Sales Training International has 22 ebooks that reached the Amazon Top 100 Best Sellers lists. This achievement speaks to the credibility and confidence our customers have in the effectiveness of our content.

Fifteen of the sales ebooks are a part of those best-sellers. That provides us the credibility and you the confidence to select Sales Training International to help support your training and learning goals.

Two of the ebooks are also published as paperbacks: Objection Free Selling and Strategic Sales Plan. They both contain diagnostic checklists, and their ebook editions are best-sellers.

If you do nothing else, you can dramatically enhance your ability to win more sales by taking the free Objection Free Selling Skills Survey (linked above), buy and use the two books:Objection Free Selling and the Strategic Sales Plan.

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Web-Based Sales Training (WBT) / eLearning

82% of sales training, 56% of management/supervisor training, and 56% of customer service training utilize online learning.

Sales Training International's SCORM conformant and Section 508 compliant WBT courses are highly interactive with inline learning activities, audio narration, contain music to improve cross-hemisphere learning, have support resources, and have a brief quiz at the end of each course.

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Instructor-Led Sales Training (ILT)

The content for all the Instructor-Led Sales Training courses is the result of extensive research, experience, multiple competency model comparisons, sales diagnostic analysis, and field testing.

Sales Training International's courses are designed using a modular format so we can construct an appropriate curriculum based on needs analysis and diagnostic testing.

Most ILT courses are designed to follow a modified "Acccelerated-Learning" format we helped develop in collaboration with university and corporate experts in the field.

Sales Training International is one of a few companies able to offer a full suite of courses that are based on competency model analysis.

The participant manuals are maintained and updated using minimal formatting for ease of branding for resellers and corporate license owners. Coaching guides and support materials are available for most courses.

All of the courses have trainer manuals.

The Instructor-Led Sales Training participant and trainer manuals are maintained with minimal formatting to enable rapid customization and rebranding. Contact us for more information:

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Free Sales Support Resources

These free resources are provided to help you improve your selling skills. Please contact us directly if you have questions or specific needs. We've been in business for over 30 years and have a lot of resources we'll gladly share.

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Client Quotes - Sales

Over the course of 30 years in the training industry, Sales Training International has trained thousands of people in the professions of sales, sales management, and customer service using a variety of methods including, instructor-led training, web-based training (eLearning), blended solutions, and train-the-trainer applications.

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