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  1. The 12 Models of Selling
  2. Persistence Pays Off 
  3. Clues Your Account is in Trouble
  4. Sales Diagnostics: Know What You Don't Know about the Steps in Your Sales Process
  5. Sales Diagnostics: Know What You Don't Know about the Objections that Stop or Stall Your Sales
  6. Top Sales Producers are ALWAYS in Demand
  7. Ten Buyer Beliefs
  8. Developing a Sales Strategy
  9. Mentally Warming Up
  10. Goal Setting – Reflect, Coordinate, Set, and Energize
  11. Selling at “C” Level
  12. Prospecting for New Business
  13. Stress Control Process and Coping Strategies
  14. Achieving Customer Service Excellence
  15. Defusing Anger
  16. Major Account Call Center – demonstrate how-to teleselling success
  17. Competitor Analysis
  18. Stories from the Road – Why do you buy from me?
  19. Top Sales Producers are Different

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