Customer Service Courses

"I liked the course [curriculum] it was well planned out, easy to navigate and had a lot of helpful tools and ideas. I will take this info with me throughout my work and will use the knowledge to help train and support my staff." Heather W. Credit Supervisor

"Thank you for providing our reps with this training course. I can definitely say this will help us continue to provide great customer service to our customers. I am looking forward to the next training course your company has to offer." Angela W. CSR Supervisor

"I already have extensive customer service experience, and this course solidified or put into words some of the basic principles that I have been learning on the job. It presented these principles in a structured manner, and was a good review, and reinforced what I have been learning on the job." David D. CSR

"While at M/A-COM I utilized STI for a company-wide program for customer service, we trained over 800 employees with your program! The management team was very pleased with the results of that program and I enjoyed working with the STI staff as we developed the program." Mike E. - Vice President

"I found your courses to be very clear, concise, and thought provoking. A great tool to utilize in professional, and personal lives at all levels, and serve a diverse population. The course contents have provided aspects of learning that will continually enhance lives and foster results that will have resounding effects for a life-time. Thank You for this life-enhancing opportunity!" Rhonda P. CSR

[Online + Coaching]: "I would strongly recommend all employees take this course. It applies to both internal and external customers. One of the most effective courses I have taken where the instructor customized role playing for those participating by name on the slide examples. Show time concept is excellent." Ron S. Service Sales Manager

[Online + Coaching]: "This course is a valuable asset to add to your 'skills' toolbox! I would not hesitate to take this course again if offered in the future. Instructor was attentive to class needs. Amazing to watch Jim instruct with such authority without Power Point!" PJ C., Sr. Field Service Tech <Coach's Note: I did use PP, they commented on how it was very interactive and there was no reading of or relying on PP.>

[Online + Coaching]: "Take the class, you will learn so much. I did not know I could say stuff like this to customers. After this class I have more self confidence in my zone and am ready to step out from the shell that I feel I was locked in. I would like to attend the next section". Charles A., Tech Support, Repair Dept.

[Online + Coaching]: "Relevant content, teacher/student interaction, real situations discussions. Instructor really knew his content! Best course from a DJ I have ever had! Everything in the course is relevant to situations that I might encounter in my position."  Erik N., Sr. Tech Support Engineer

"This course was very interesting. I feel this course was spot on and Jim was a great teacher. Take this course." Timothy W., Field Service Tech

"This course provides fuel for wanting to be the best [company] representative possible. Gave specific direction on interacting with customers, both internal and external." Tanya P., Order Management Manager

"Excellent instructor, topic is dead on for customer service. Points out things we should be doing or want to be doing, but never knew how to handle properly. Shows how one word can change the outcome of an issue or how the inflection of your voice can show concern and change a customer's attitude and outlook. Customers will be pleased!" Chris L., Project Coordinator, Mining Repair

"It reestablishes and identifies basic principles of communication and interacting with people in our profession and life. Most of us have these skills; but over time they can erode due to fast pace and high-pressure environment." Mike B, Technical Services Manager

"Best course I have attended in years. Very practical. Every item discussed. Can be used in our daily job. No time was wasted. Jim was prompt with time and controlled the team." Pat M, Field Service Manager

"Attend with an open mind and positive attitude. You will be surprised how relevant each part of the training is and how much you learn about the content and yourself." Scott W. Director Technical Services

"Enhanced my understanding of customers and the phases of grief that each will be having and how to defuse the anger in order to make the solution more thorough with the customer." John S, Field Service Manager

"It is an excellent course." Stefan K., Business Manager

"It was time well spent to realize the impact of what we say and how we say it to others in different situations." Ragu B., Application and Support Engineer

"It's not just customer service skills. It's people skills. Life skills. This is training that has immediate applicability in the field and in life." Michael S., Field Service Rep

"It will surprise you how much you will learn & give far more understanding of other people's attitudes. It will cause you to question yourself before speaking. Excellent course." Mark C., Project Manager

"Excellent course!!! No matter what you know and the skills you have learned you can pick up valuable aspects in every aspect of the training!" Bill L., Training Manager

"Very interactive and helpful for building upon my existing skills immediately. The online courses before the class were excellent; introduced the concepts so I was ready to put them into practice during class participation." Barb B., Customer Service Managed Accounts

"Excellent customization of standard material. I really feel that the learning experience was bolstered by making examples and other aspects of the class real to me. This kind of instruction has made it easier to relate to and therefore easier to apply outside of the classroom." Mark C., Field Service Rep

"Glad I had to take this course. Would recommend to ALL 'company' employees. Take this, it will help!" Wendy B., After Market Sales Support

"Very informative, relates to the job-specific. Opens lines of communication with how to interject in various customer-oriented situations as well as real life scenarios." Ronda D., Customer Support Field Service

"The training was very productive and useful. It opens your mind up to where you are when it comes to customers and where you can improve. These techniques are not just limited to customers, they are valuable tools to use anywhere. I personally will begin applying them!" Eldrick L., Field Service Rep

"The course is very helpful to facilitate healthy interactions between 'our company' and the customer. I would say the knowledge gleaned from this course would, if applied, help our company grow by increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty." Michael T., Field Service Rep

"This course was very helpful and I would recommend it to everyone I work with. There are a lot of things in this class that everyone in every position (project mgt, sales, etc.) can use." Pete Y., Technical Coordinator

"When people think about customer service training, especially those in customer service or support roles, they think they may already know it all. While they may know what to do, they may not know how to do it. This course teaches both aspects very well. It can be summed up this way: this training is about learning the skills and attributes to solve customer issues and build customer loyalty. Love it !!! Show time!!!" Rob P., Technical Support Manager

"This course covers some commonsense tools that are not commonly found in practice on a day-to-day basis. Take time to hone these and it will make a positive difference in your day." Jeff D., Manager Technical Services

"Very effective. Skills taught and utilized will make it easier for teams to do their jobs more professionally and efficiently to enhance customer satisfaction and service. Coaching skills will help managers enhance ability to recognize opportunities for improvement and areas to reward desired behaviors for their teams." Gail A., Manager Customer Service

"The information was specifically related to my job - what I do each day. Anyone can take something from this class. I thought defusing anger was the best topic discussed. A lot of ideas and helpful information to use the skills." Kelly S., Call Center

"This is a consistent, systematic approach for refining customer service skills. Customers remember how you make them feel. The ability to listen actively, defuse anger, and problem solve leads to customer loyalty". David C., Technical Support

"Jim gave good ideas on how to help us best keep our customers happy and satisfied with 'our company'. Even though at times we can't always meet their expectations we can show them options that may help." JoAnn B., Customer Service

"This course helped me to take a step back and realize some areas for improvement that will change the flow of my calls and make my calls more effective. It was also fun and helped me gain confidence. I think we should do this more often. Thanks." Maria R, Call Center

"I came into the training with feelings of doubt that I would have any interest or really learn anything that I didn't already know. I must say I have a new view on what should be common sense to everyone whether it is in the workforce or personal life." Chad F., FSR

"I have been doing service work for 27 years with 18 years at my current position. I can only imagine how much my ability could have benefited from this training if I had it 25 years ago. It is an awesome class. Do not miss it!" Eric W., Sr. Field Service Representative

[Coach-the-Coach session]: "Best course I have attended on true customer service skills. Christine P. CSR Manager

[Coach-the-Coach session]: "Excellent course! It takes concepts and topics that seem so basic and emphasizes how critical and important they can be in your daily life " both business and personal. Ben I. CSR Manager

[Coach-the-Coach session]:"Enhanced my understanding of customers, the phases of grief and how to defuse anger. Excellent examples and role-playing participation. John S. CSR Manager

[Coach-the-Coach session]:" "Attend with an open mind and positive attitude. You will be surprised how relevant each part of the training is and how much you learn about the content and yourself. Excellent interaction and insured everyone was engaged. Keep on doing what you do " excellent job! Scott W. CSR Manager

[Coach-the-Coach session]: "Best course I have attended in years. Very practical, every item discussed, can be used in our daily job. No time wasted, Jim was prompt on time and controlled the team. Instructor was excellent " very good at using actual examples of my business and how to do it better. Defusing anger was very good. I wish the training was longer " I think I could have learned more based on the experience of the instructor. Patrick M. CSR Manager

[Coach-the-Coach session]: "If you are serious about serving your customers and you want to make it fun, then you need this course. All topics are highly relevant. Just make sure it's always Jim Ray! He's the best! Jeff D. CSR Manager

[Coach-the-Coach session]: "It was time well spent to realize the impact of what we say and how we say to others in different situations. Provides a conscious realization of what you do every day through a methodical process." Ragu B. CSR Manager

[Coach-the-Coach session]: "Class interaction was superior " I am not much of a role play guy and I usually avoid it. However, the class interaction and role play was extremely helpful. You need this training to better the branding." Charlie G. CSR Manager

[Coach-the-Coach session]: "Absolutely love that this course is applicable to all areas including personal relationships and situations. Awesome 'light bulb." Jim is very upbeat and personable." Teresa W. CSR Manager

[Coach-the-Coach session]: "This was the first CS class I have ever attended and it was by far the best 'training' class I've ever attended. The info was relevant for not only business, but for life! Great job!" Sherry L. CSR Manager

[Coach-the-Coach session]: "Very effective. Skills taught and utilized will make it easier for teams to do their jobs more professionally and efficiently to enhance customer satisfaction and service. Defusing anger session was particularly helpful." Gail A. CSR Manager

[Coach-the-Coach session]: "Excellent! Was tailored to our business and needs and was continually adapted as the course progressed. More Showtime!" Harold S. CSR Manager

[Coach-the-Coach session]: "When people think about customer service training they think they may already know it all. While they may know what to do, they may not know how to do it. This course teaches both aspects very well. The role playing was most beneficial as it always looks easy to do something on paper however when it comes down to execution it is more difficult than imagined. Practice, practice, practice truly does help! It can be summed up this way: this training is about learning the skills and attributes to solve customer issues and build customer loyalty. Love it!!! Showtime!" Rob P. CSR Manager

[Coach-the-Coach session]: "High energy " applicable to everyday business and personal interactions. It reestablishes and identifies basic principles, communication and interactions with people in our professional and personal life!" Mike B. CSR Manager

[Coach-the-Coach session]: "This is an excellent course. Jim was highly motivated and his positive attitude made it easy. Overall great training that extends beyond the work environment." Stefan K. CSR Manager

[Coach-the-Coach session]: "This course helped reinforce the skills I already have but forget to use or coach. Customer Service skills are critical to work and home life. Helps move our team from good to great! Applicable to personal and business." Peggy M. CSR Manager

"This has been an excellent course and made me think about techniques I use but could use some tweaking.  Makes you think about the real importance of customer service in an organization." Jim E. Customer Service

"It was really helpful to have this course study and to have a 'refresher course' to be reminded of how much customer service starts and ends with me. Each training guide was helpful in its own way and I will benefit from each one." Linda B., PSR

"The information is in-depth without being elementary. I learned so much and have found that both myself and the 16 staff members who work for me are utilizing what we've learned in our daily interactions. The topics covered give great insight to improving even the best customer service providers. I highly recommend this to anyone who provides even the slightest bit customer service in their day!!" Tracey R. Help desk Supervisor

"I found the course very reveling. There're things in here that make you think and that's a good thing. It's a brief and to the point course. It shows you may real life situation and how to handle things, both good and bad. I've dealt with people on all ends of customer service and the bottom line is that all anyone wants is whatever the product their paying for is what it's supposed to be and on time, and if not then we as people expect an answer and a solution as soon as possible, and not the run around. So yes, I see a lot of good not only for myself, but for anyone who takes this course. Thank You" Don H - Help desk Analyst

"I found the information useful for both my professional and personal life. Active Listening is so important in all relationships and particularly with initial customer interactions. The checklists of steps to follow seem like an easy way to avoid many conflicts and help me create a new way to respond. I also enjoyed taking the 'exercises & case studies' portion of the courses. Thank you for making the content relevant and easy applied to my daily life." Patti W. Business Development

"I am new to management and this course was very helpful to me. I enjoyed learning different ways to communicate and listen to our customers and my coworkers. I have all the courses printed and I will be using each of these to help advance my management skills in the future." Annie B. Manager

"Great courses, a gentle reminder of things we sometimes get too busy to think about." Autumn G. Customer Service Rep.

"In my line of work, the tools that I have learned in the course has truly been a great tool to use. It has helped me to be more of a people person and to learn why people are the way they are and how to deal with them in a professional manner. I have been in the customer service field for more than 6 years, and I have not learned as much as I have in these 9 courses. And it only took me a week. It has taught me the proper way to make and receive telephone calls and emails. Plus, other things as in stress management and problem solving. Thank you soooo much." Dionna W - Customer Service Representative

"I have seen a return on the investment already. I had one rep relate how she used the strategies in defusing anger to calm a customer down and move forward in problem solving. She was ecstatic! We are spending an hour each morning on training and developing our skills. I hope to relate more victories in the future." Bryant McN - Customer Service Director

"This course was very helpful in a lot of ways. It made me think more about how I do thing and how I respond to things that put a positive swing on everything that I do." Annette S - Customer Service Rep

"I have just finished the course and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it! I know I will be applying this on the phone with our patients, in meetings and outside of work. Thank you so much for putting together such clear, helpful, practical and well-organized courses. :)" - Joan S

"Courses were right on target for my department. I have been able to relate to each one and appreciate the useful tools and tips to apply. I certainly would recommend these classes and look forward to more classes online." Mary B. Customer Relations

"Being in Customer Service for over 20 years, I thought I knew it all, but surprise, surprise, even an old dog can learn something new. I was amazed at how much I knew and was doing correctly, throughout all the courses I took, but also how much I did not know and how much new information I have learned, which has opened my mind to a better understanding of myself and others I come in contact with. Thank you for a very fine approach to setting up your training modules, it was very user friendly, extremely informative, hands on, and mind opening." Chris Y - Senior Field Service Technician Specialist

"First, this was a great course that was put together. I felt that this course would benefit entry-level customer service positions, along with any position that deals directly or indirectly with customers. Apart from the customer base applications, the interpersonal section of this course was very detailed and will assist everyone to identify their own strengths and weaknesses. Second to that, it also allows them to identify their peer's characteristics and how to acknowledge them and above all, work better with their peers." Adam B - Business Development Manager

"The difference since taking your course has been dramatic. While I do have two collocated and excellent groups to work with, the training kicked their performance up several notches. The number of customer calls forwarded to me for resolution has dropped to nothing. I've also seen a marked difference in the attitude they take when answering phones. They are more confident they'll be able to handle the situation good or bad. I can't thank you enough for teaching us how to use the tools we need to be successful with helping our customers and always being ready for 'SHOWTIME'". Manuel T. - Customer Support

"The workshop was very informative and the instructors made it entertaining. I was able to communicate what I learned with other members of my company." Bambi M., Training Coordinator

"I fully enjoyed this class! I am using these customer service skills in my everyday life! Jim does an exceptional job of getting people to work together. He stays after class to answer all questions and be helpful to the students. He is an asset to your organization!" Dales B., Assoc. Mgr., Training and Development, Enfield, CT

"Excellent program. The "flexibility" and range of the instructor made the time fly yet provided a wealth of information." Russell L, Director of Operations, The Woodlands, TX

"The class was wonderful. The instructor was great and the material was very beneficial. I really liked the small group of people - I learned more!" Jennifer O, National Account Mgr, Houston, TX

"The problem-solving and defusing anger skills I learned in the Customer Service Excellence course were so unbelievably eyeopening, and on a personal level, freeing! The solution to issues I have faced inside and outside of my profession became clear to me during the defusing anger portion of the course." Clara F, CSR

"The telephone etiquette, trust and rapport, and psychological truth discussions and exercises were quite enlightening. Because of what I learned in the telephone etiquette class, I have put in a request to reprogram our "hold/park" time from 1 minute (an eternity) to 20 seconds. I also learned how one can quickly establish or quickly lose trust and rapport." Debra L, Customer Service Center Manager

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