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Top 10 Reasons to Select Sales Training International

  1. Bestselling Books and eBooks - more...
  2. Diagnostic Assessments - more...
  3. Instructor-Led Training (ILT) Courses and Modules - more...
  4. Web-Based Training (WBT) courses and modules - more...
  5. State-of-the-art "Value Selling" Models - more...
  6. Effective Sales Team Infrastructure - more...
  7. Course Design and Development Strategies - more...
  8. Ideal Practices - more...
  9. Major Account Call Center (MACC) Expertise - more...
  10. Perpetual Licenses - more...

Note: We are rebranding our services to "SalesHelp with Dr. Robert DeGroot" to reflect how we are currently meeting our customers' needs. Sales Training International (STI) represents the publishing brand for the Web-Based Training, Instructor-Led Training workbooks, and books/ebooks. All the assets of STI are for sale.

1. Bestselling Books and eBooks

Twenty-five ebooks and books of 48 hit the Amazon Top 100 Best Sellers lists in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, demonstrating widespread acceptance, strong credibility, and increased motivation to learn and use:

  • Books and ebooks were developed from the updated instructor-led training (ILT) courses
  • Two paperback books include diagnostic checklists. Both ebook editions are still on the Amazon Best Sellers lists.
  • Many of these books cycle on and off the best seller lists; Objection Free Selling is over six years on the list (2023).
  • Books can be customized and licensed for in-company distribution

No other sales, sales management, or customer service training operation has as many best selling books based on their coursework as we do. This advantage makes a positive difference in receptiveness, acceptance, and implementation.

Salespeople, sales managers, and customer service reps are more open and motivated to learn skills taught from best selling books because they feel an increase in acceptance and trust and a decrease in risk.

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They're also more likely to put the skills to immediate use, which means getting results faster.


2. Diagnostic Assessments

Eight standardized competency model diagnostic questionnaires, surveys, and checklists provide clear evidence of where training is needed and where it's not needed:

  • Objection Free Selling Skills Survey (OFS-SS)- Currently free online
  • Sales Diagnostic Questionnaire (SDQ & Quick SDQ)
  • Competency Diagnostic Questionnaire (CDQ)
  • Sales Process Diagnostic Questionnaire (SPDQ)
  • Strategic Sales Plan Checklist (SSP-C) – Featured in best selling ebook and paperback book
  • Objections Diagnostic Checklist (OFS-C) – Featured in best selling ebook and paperback book
  • Customer Service Diagnostic Questionnaire (CSDQ)
  • Customer Service Skills Survey - Currently free online (CS-SS)

Training without first conducting an in-depth diagnostic evaluation is one of the primary reasons that training, especially sales training, doesn't produce the desired results.

Using standardized diagnostic tools automatically validated for your company makes this a quick, easy, and eye-opening process.

Clear-cut evidence that directly links knowledge, skills, and strategy deficits with the issues that stop or stall sales is how you minimize the risk of spending time and money on training that won't produce results.

Connect the dots. Evidence-based training makes sense.


3. Instructor-Led Training (ILT) Courses and Modules

Forty-six instructor-led training courses and modules seamlessly blend together to create diagnostically determined custom curriculums: Available in for cost-effective bundles with perpetual licenses.

  • 27 Sales courses/modules
  • 3 Value Selling Models
  • 9 Sales Management courses/modules
  • 10 Customer Service courses/modules
  • All ILT courses have trainer manuals
  • All classroom materials are updated
  • The participant and trainer manuals are developed with minimal formatting to enable rapid customization and rebranding with perpetual licenses
  • All courses and modules can be customized and offer various licensing options
  • Diagnostics and other needs analysis methods drive course curriculum selections for best ROI

Evidence-based training logically and demonstratively provides higher ROI.


4. Web-Based Training (WBT) Courses and Modules

Forty-Five eLearning courses and modules provide diagnostically determined personalized curriculums:

  • 25 Sales courses (14 are SCORM and include the content from the Non-SCORM courses)
  • 10 Sales Management courses (6 are SCORM)
  • 10 Customer Service courses (All are SCORM)
  • All courses use a highly interactive Accelerated Learning format, and many include the passive presentation (baroque music) option during the review
  • All courses and modules can be customized
  • All SCORM courses were developed using Accelerated Learning design in Articulate Storyline 3
  • All Non-SCORM courses also use the Accelerated Learning design in Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Most non-SCORM content is now included in the currently available course for sale on
  • Sales Training International is one of a dozen companies and brands nationwide to receive library certification offered by ATD (ASTD) for WBT design processes that met their stringent requirements

Evidence-based training logically and demonstratively provides higher ROI.

Cost-savings tip: Many of our clients with geographically dispersed sales and customer service teams choose to use the web-based diagnostic first, then the online learning, followed by the Peer-to-Peer Sales Coaching process or the customer service supervisor's coaching package via video conferencing.


5. State-of-the-art "Value Selling" Models

Three Value Selling sales models plus for compatibility with the client's sales process needs:

  1. Value Selling Strategies P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T Model for outside sales or big-ticket call center sales
  2. ACE Value Selling Model for inside sales, teleselling, or general sales training
  3. FAB/TEA Value Selling Model for call center sales and readily diagnosed challenges for tangible or intangible sales

Plus, our Negotiating Value process is compatible with all three value selling models.

Additionally, our unique Telephone Cold Calling with Voicemail Strategies course is designed to prevent the initial sales stopping objections such as "not interested," "already have someone," and "just send me your literature." These objections, spoken or not, are responsible for 90+% of cold call rejections.

Participants learn not only the "what to do" but also the step-by-step "how to do it" supported by the psychology of "why do it" to increase motivation "to do it."

Our sales models and processes are trained across the nation and worldwide in multi-industry and multicultural settings from Europe, South America, South Asia, and the Middle-East.


6. Effective Sales Team Infrastructure

An effective sales team infrastructure starts with a pragmatic and systematic approach to identifying and validating the steps in your sales process, determining the sales issues missing those steps can cause, and developing peer sales coaches to find solutions to move sales to closure:

The three parts are presented in three books to create the infrastructure:

  • Strategic Sales Plan to identify and validate the steps in your sales process
  • Objection Free Selling to identify every objection that stops the sale and provide methods to prevent, preempt, and respond to them
  • Peer-to-Peer Sales Coaching  meeting structure to find workable and acceptable solutions for projected objections and for implementing difficult steps in the sales process.

Notable points of distinction for SalesHelp with Dr. Robert DeGroot:

  • We are one of the very few sales training company brands to provide a complete list of steps in the sales process at the diagnostic and coaching level of detail, along with the action items needed to implement them, and an easy way to validate each step for what you sell.
  • Our research shows that objections that stop almost all sales are common and repetitive. Logic demonstrates that specific Buyer Beliefs, when missing or weak, cause these objections. Our unique approach is to identify the missing Buyer Beliefs and then teach the knowledge, skills, and strategies to establish the beliefs to prevent and preempt the objections.
  • Others teach how to RESPOND to objections, but we are the only ones specializing in teaching how to PREVENT and PREEMPT objections.
  • We are the only ones teaching all three methods plus how to negotiate the unanswerable objections.
  • Peer-to-Peer Sales Coaching helps find and fix common challenges with sales process implementation that block Buyer Beliefs from being established, causing objections that stop and stall sales. It's logical, intuitive, and consistently coachable.

We provide the specialized "know-how" to teach, guide and coach your internal sales teams to make the entire process observable, measurable, and sustainable.


7. Course Design and Development Strategies

We combine four foundational design and development strategies into both ILT and WBT course development:

  1. Modular content segmentation to aid in narrowing the selection and bundling of skill sets to just those that are diagnostically determined to be relevant
  2. Instructional strategies design (ADDIE model) to ensure what's trained is both needed and works
  3. Proprietary Accelerative Learning (AL) design and development to deepen comprehension and speed learning
  4. Bloom's Taxonomy guides selecting the appropriate cognitive, affective, and sensory methods for the learning at hand

Select this link for more information about each of these methods.


8. Ideal Practices

Ideal practices are the unique synergistic solutions we create using a careful blend of best practices, corporate values, strategic vision, and thought leadership:

  • Our assessment systems result from in-depth research that enables you to work toward ideal practices
  • Thought leadership and content matter expertise are available in sales, sales management, and customer service
  • Content matter expertise provides in-depth topic knowledge to enable transitional guidance from current and best practices to value and vision-driven ideal practices

Together we can create state-of-the-art, incredibly effective custom solutions to replicate throughout your organization.


9. Major Account Call Center (MACC) Expertise

Our job in the MACC was to sell our clients products and services over the phone to perfect their sales and objection handling processes and help them achieve their sales goals:

  • Working on behalf of clients such as Shell Fleet Services, TurboCare (Siemens), and others. Our small team of highly trained telesellers sold millions of dollars in services such as mobile fueling and mobile maintenance for fleets, products such as turbine blades, NASA designed fluids to make tires self-sealing, medical supplies, and software
  • The sales our team closed over the phone ranged from $5K to $3.5 million using our proprietary processes validated and custom fit to their needs
  • After proof of concept was established, we trained the trainers at large production call centers.
  • Customizing our successful prospecting, value selling, and negotiations models, we provide perpetual licenses to our clients such as Shell Chemical, Shell Energy, Southwestern Bell, DirecTV, and Consumer Credit Counseling Services.

Can what we teach work over the phone, through email, and other non-in-person contact methods? Yes, we've demonstrated our processes work in this environment and have repeatedly shown that we can teach our clients' sales teams to replicate our success.


10. Perpetual Licenses

All content, including diagnostic assessments, ILT, WBT courses, and yes, even the best selling books, can be customized and made available for limited use or perpetual licensing:

  • We are one of only a few companies in the industry to sell perpetual licenses
  • Individual, limited and unlimited, annual, and site licenses are also available
  • Perpetual licenses can provide significant cost savings for ILT and WBT courses

Select this link to view more information about the types of licenses available.


SalesHelp is the brand for the direct client services provided by bestselling author Dr. Robert DeGroot. These services include course customization, psychometric research, sales, sales management, and customer service diagnostics, coaching online, and books.

Sales Training International is the publishing brand for the Web-Based Training, Instructor-Led Training workbooks, and books/ebooks. The company's assets are now for sale.


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