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Conducting a needs analysis is standard practice before investing time, money, and efforts to make or buy training. Diagnose before you prescribe is common sense.

Sales Training International offers three comprehensive standardized and customizable competency model sales diagnostic questionnaires, one objection free selling skills survey, and two sales diagnostic checklists.

The diagnostic tools are designed for salespeople who sell solutions to their customers problems and do so in highly competitive markets.

Sales Training International provides cross-validated standardized and customizable competency model selling skills diagnostics, along with training courses and modules matched with the areas tested. No other company provides the breadth and depth of "skills" based sales diagnostics.

Objection Free Selling Skills Survey (OFS-Survey) Free Online
Sales Diagnostic Questionnaire (SDQ)
Competency Diagnostic Questionnaire (CDQ)
Sales Process Diagnostic Questionnaire (SPDQ)
Strategic Sales Plan - Sales Process Diagnostic Checklist (SSP)
Objections Diagnostic Checklist (ODC)
Objection Free Selling Skills Survey

Take this free sales skills survey that helps you identify which of the 10 Buyer Beliefs are missing or weak that cause the objections you get. Select this link to learn more and to take the survey and view your results.


Sales Diagnostic Questionnaire (SDQ)

This is a comprehensive competency model based sales diagnostic questionnaire that can be customized to your company. You can add product and service, or other questions following the format provided.

  • Measures 204 observable skilled competencies in 31 areas of selling (prospecting, qualifying, establishing value, negotiating, closing, etc.).
  • Uses a five-point Likert scale, plus a measure for each area to determine if it is Critical, Important, or Not Applicable.
  • There is a WBT and ILT course for each area assessed by the SDQ so the training curriculum can be instantly personalized for each participant or for a team.
  • The customized assessment can be hosted on commercially available survey software programs such as or Survey Monkey.
  • Sales Training International offers Web-based and Instructor-Led training for each of the 31 areas as needed.
  • Unlimited use licenses available.


Competency Diagnostic Questionnaire (CDQ)

A major focus for this diagnostic was to increase the number of areas assessed, decrease the number of questions, and to minimize the halo or horn effect.

Although is assess the same areas as the SDQ (and a few more), it approaches the assessment from the perspective of a performance evaluation. Customizable to your company.

  • Started with the same areas of selling used in the SDQ, and then extended to peripheral areas to bring the number of performance areas to 50. Areas added relate to sales process management, profitable productivity, and professional attributes.
  • Each of the five points on the Likert scale is behaviorally described to minimize the halo and horn bias effects.
  • The content can be licensed and hosted on commercially available survey software programs such as or Survey Monkey.


Sales Process Diagnostic Questionnaire (SPDQ)

Based on the updated (2018) sales process defined in the bestselling book and ebook, Strategic Sales Plan: Why Sales Fail and How Wins are Won.

  • Self-validating and highly reliable assessment of the sales process favored by people who sell solutions to their customers’ problems and do so in highly competitive markets.
  • Determines the extent to which salespeople can carry out each of the steps in their sales process.
  • Uses a five-point Likert Scale. Can also use three-point Train, Coach, Reward Scale.
  • The content can be licensed and hosted on commercially available survey software programs such as or Survey Monkey.


Strategic Sales Plan Diagnostic Checklist (SSP)

The SSP sales process is designed for salespeople who sell solutions to their customers' problems in highly competitive markets.

This is the paper/pencil version of the Sales Process Diagnostic Questionnaire listed above. Uses the bestselling book, Strategic Sales Plan and is usually done in a classroom setting.

The book provides a listing and description of the 8 phases, 44 steps, and 201 Action Items necessary to carry out this strategic sales plan. For salespeople with previous basic selling skills training, they do most steps automatically at the subconscious competent level.

  • Long-term and ongoing research led to this comprehensive diagnostic sales process that today consists of 8 phases, 44 baseline steps, and 201 action items.
  • There is a course, brief module, or job aid for each of the 44 steps that require knowledge, skills, and strategies.
  • There is a SCORM conformant WBT course by the same name (see Web-Based Sales Training).
  • Using the checklist to review both sales lost and sales won will identify the patterns of steps missed that caused the sales to fail, and the pattern of steps that caused the sales to be won.
  • The checklist is also a free download on this site and is used during pre-call planning, curb side coaching, peer-to-peer sales coaching, and post-call analysis to set the next set of call objectives.


Objections Diagnostic Checklist

Now available in the Amazon Top 100 Bestselling book, Objection Free Selling: How to Prevent, Preempt, and Respond to Every Sales Objection You Get.

  • Checklist of the 85 Most Common Sales Stopping Objections included in the book.
  • These objections are organized by the Buyer Beliefs that, when missing, cause the objections in that category to occur.
  • For easy validation of the Buyer Belief process, select the link above for the Objection Free Selling Skills Survey above.
  • By first identifying the objections a person gets, the missing Buyer Beliefs that cause them can be readily identified.
  • Knowing which Buyer Beliefs are not being established, automatically points to the skill sets or strategies not being used and that, in turn, points to the training modules needed to learn how to establish those specific Buyer Beliefs.
  • There are Instructor-Led Training (ILT) modules that can be individually selected to train just what the person or team needs, rather than train everything, including what they don’t need.
  • There is a SCORM conformant WBT course (Objection Free Selling) available from our reseller (see Web-Based Sales Training).
  • The bestselling “Objection Free Selling” book contains the checklist, the Buyer Beliefs, detailed instructions on how to establish each of the Buyer Beliefs. It also has 874 sample strategies and scripts to prevent, preempt, and respond to the 85 most common sales stopping objections.
  • This checklist style diagnostic can be easily converted to a questionnaire style and hosted on commercially available survey software.


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