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Sales Training International delivers top-rated sales, sales management, and customer service training.

The content for our 22 bestselling books is based on the results of competency model diagnostic questionnaires and surveys.

Evidence based training works.

  • Diagnostic assessments demonstrate clear evidence for specific training needed.
  • Courses/modules selected from validated assessment results mean you're training only the specific skills needed.
  • Content for the twenty-two bestselling books comes from the standardized diagnostics and surveys which provides strong credibility and confidence in the training.
  • Training outcomes are immediate, observable, measurable, and sustainable.
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Selling Skills Resources
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  • Customizable sales diagnostic questionnaires, surveys, and checklists to help focus training resources for the best ROI.
  • Quick Selling Skills Survey (free & no opt-in required).
  • Bestselling sales books and ebooks.
  • Highly interactive Web-Based Training (WBT) selling skills courses.
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT) customizable selling skills courses.
  • Free Sales Support Resources.
  • Best Sales Training Blog.
Sales Manager Skills Resources
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  • Bestselling Sales Management eBooks.
  • Web-Based Training (WBT) interactive sales management courses
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT) customizable sales management courses.
  • Free Sales Manager Support Resources.
Customer Service Skills Resources
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  • Customizable customer service diagnostic questionnaires to help focus and allocate training resources for the best ROI.
  • Quick Customer Service Skills Survey (free & no opt-in required).
  • Bestselling customer service ebooks.
  • Web-Based Training (WBT) interactive customer service skills courses with three cost saving bundles.
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT) customizable customer service skills courses.
  • Free Customer Service Training Support Resources.
Best Selling Books & eBooks
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  • Bestselling books and ebooks providing high levels of credibility and confidence!
  • Book lists organized by sales, sales management, and customer service, plus a complete listing of titles and tag-lines.
  • Paperback reference sales books that include diagnostic checklists.

Selling Skills Resources

Selling Skills Resources

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Customer Service Skills Resources

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