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Training Based on Twenty-Five Bestselling Books in Sales, Sales Management, and Customer Service
Selling Skills Resources
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  1. Take the Free Quick Selling Skills Survey - more...
  2. Select the Web-Based Training (WBT) identified on the survey - more...
  3. Select bestselling sales books and ebooks for reinforcement - more...
Customer Service Skills Resources
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  1. Take the Free Quick Customer Service Skills Survey - more...
  2. Select the Web-Based Training (WBT) identified on the survey - more...
  3. Select bestselling customer service ebooks for reinforcement - more...
Sales Manager Skills Resources
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  1. Select from the Bestselling Sales Management eBooks - more...
  2. Select Web-Based Training (WBT) based on definitions (in development) - more...
Best Selling Books & eBooks
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  • Select from forty books/ebooks (22 are best sellers) - more...
  • Complete book list of all forty books/ebooks - more...
  • Paperback reference level sales books include diagnostic checklists - more...
SalesHelp & Sales Training International (STI)
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SalesHelp is the brand for the direct client services provided by bestselling author Dr. Bob DeGroot. These services include course customization, psychometric research, sales, sales management, and customer service diagnostics, coaching online, and books. He also writes the SalesHelp best practices blog.

  • About Dr. Bob DeGroot - more...
  • STI Design and Development Processes - more...
  • Content Licenses - more...
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Sales Training International is the publishing brand for the Web-based Training, Instructor-Led training workbooks, books/ebooks, and manages the contracts with suppliers, resellers, and clients.

Selling Skills Resources

Selling Skills Resources

Diagnostics - Sales

eBooks & Books - Sales

Web-Based Sales Training

Instructor-Led Sales Training

Client Quotes - Sales


Sales Manager Resources

Sales Management Resources

eBooks -Sales Management

Web-Based Sales Management Training

Instructor-Led Sales Management Training

Client Quotes - Sales Management


Customer Service Skills Resources

Customer Service Resources

Diagnostics - Customer Service

eBooks - Customer Service

Web-Based Customer Service Training

Instructor-Led Customer Service Training

Client Quotes - Customer Service


Best Selling Books & eBooks

Book Resources

Sales Books & eBooks

Sales Management eBooks

Customer Service eBooks

Paperback Reference Books

Complete list of Books & ebooks


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